Requisition FAQs

Go to the sidebar -> Cart icon -> My Carts and Orders -> View Carts

Go to eProcurement -> Manage Requisitions and search, then click on "Approvals" in the "Line of Life" menu. 

This menu allows you to see the progression of a Requisition from Submission to Payment, and click on each menu item to find the document associated with each stage.

You can view the Requsition, PO, Voucher, and Payment documents all from here.

1. Contact the vendor and let them know to cancel the order.

2. Email the PO number to and we will close the PO.

You will need to resubmit your Requisition after making the changes requested by the approver.

If you are a Self Approver, please reference the following document: Resubmitting a Pushed Back Requisition

Go to Manage Requisitions and view the Approvals tab, then click on the name of the Approver for their CaseID.

From Manage Requisitions, if the Payments tab is clickable, then you can view the associated payments.

From your Worklist, use the drop down menu to select Cancel.

An After-the-fact PO occurs when the Invoice date comes before the PO date. For more information: After-The-Fact POs

From the Manage Requisitions screen, change the search filters to view the time range you are requesting.

Gift cards should be purchased through National Gift Card on SmartCART, but will require special documentation and approval. The Division of Student Affairs has a concise guide that is helpful to all staff located here: