Our Team

Meet Your Officers

Case Western Reserve University Division of Public Safety comprises police, security, emergency management, communications center and security systems. Our team's focus is on ensuring your safety and that of the entire campus community.

Police Officers

Title Name Badge Email Phone
Chief of Police Jay Hodge 121 jay.hodge@case.edu 216.368.6171
Detective Sergeant Daniel Schemmel 150 daniel.schemmel@case.edu 216.368.5993
Sergeant 1st Shift Paul Owens 146 paul.owens@case.edu 216.368.6953
Sergeant 2nd Shift Geoffrey Zevnik 166 geoffrey.zevnik@case.edu 216.368.2908
Sergeant 3rd Shift Stephen Housley 124 stephen.housley@case.edu 216.368.3076
Corporal 1st Shift Matthew King 110 matthew.king@case.edu 216.368.1369
Corporal 2nd Shift Patricia Cannon 128 patricia.m.cannon@case.edu 216.368.3300
Corporal 3rd Shift Rodney Jordan 105 rodney.jordan@case.edu 216.368.0406
Field Training Officer 1st Shift Sean Reilly 104 sean.reilly@case.edu 216.368.3300
Field Training Officer 3rd Shift Jimiyu Edwards 123 jimiyu.edwards@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 1st Shift Brent Lytton 113 brent.lytton@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 1st Shift Joseph Christopher 108 joseph.christopher@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 1st Shift Matthew Sefcik 102 matthew.sefcik@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 1st Shift Youssef Ihiri 109 youssef.ihiri@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlw. 1st Shift Selena Benz 141 selena.benz@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 2nd Shift Dwyane Redrick 143 dwyane.redrick@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 2nd Shift Michael Harris 134 michael.harris3@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptml. 2nd Shift James Levine 107 james.Levine@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 2nd Shift Kevin Spackman 103 kevin.spackman@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 2nd Shift Lueth Ajieng 170 lueth.ajieng@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlw. 2nd Shift Shellie Rimmer 156 shellie.rimmer@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlw. 3rd Shift Cassi Bowen 101 cassi.bowen@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 3rd Shift James Fox 121 james.fox2@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 3rd Shift Justin Morrison 138 justin.morrison@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 3rd Shift Issac Jones 111 issac.jones@case.edu 216.368.3300
Ptlm. 3rd Shift Elliott Wenzell 129 elliott.wenzell@case.edu 216.368.3300


Mobile Security Officers

Title Name Badge Email Phone
Mobile Security FTO Paul Keeley 112 paul.keeley@case.edu 216.368.3300
Mobile Security 1st Shift Rayshaun Williams 158 rayshaun.williams@case.edu 216.368.3300
Mobile Security 2nd Shift Jerome Arnwine 149 jerome.arnwine@case.edu 216.368.3300
Mobile Security 2nd Shift Malika Hamzah 155 malika.hamzah@case.edu 216.368.3300
Mobile Security 3rd Shift OT Rogers 152 ot.rogers@case.edu 216.368.3300
Mobile Security 3rd Shift William King IV 139 william.king2@case.edu 216.368.3300

Building Security Officers

Title Name Badge Email Phone
Facility Security Manager Vincent K. Johnstone 118 vincent.johnstone@case.edu 216.368.4465
Facility Security Supervisor Martin Wright 165 martin.wright@case.edu 216.215.8577
Security Coordinator Raheem Clark 181 raheem.clark@case.edu 216.368.3300
Wolstein Research Bld. Coordinator Kevin Jones 117 kevin.jones@case.edu 216.368.3141
Wolstein Research Bld. 1st Shift David McClearnon 195 david.mcclearnon@case.edu 216.368.3141
Wolstein Research Bld. 2nd Shift Otis Holt 196 otis.holt@case.edu 216.368.3141
Wolstein Research Bld. 3rd Shift Sean Brady 168 sean.brady@case.edu 216.368.3141
Gund Law School 1st Shift Chiara Seldon 193 chiara.seldon@case.edu 216.368.2835
Gund Law School 2nd Shift Michael Basie 169 michael.basie@case.edu 216.368.2835
Biomedical Research Bld. 1st Shift Charity Stein 192 charity.stein@case.edu 216.368.1049
Biomedical Research Bld. 1st Shift Karl Allen 145 karl.allen@case.edu 216.368.2093
Biomedical Research Bld. 2nd Shift Shamir Tomlinson 126 shamir.tomlinson@case.edu 216.368.2093
Biomedical Research Bld. 3rd Shift Devin Simmons 142 devin.simmons@case.edu 216.368.2093
Peter B. Lewis 1st Shift Kim Owens 119 kim.jones@case.edu 216.368.1478
Veale Athletics Ctr. 2nd Shift Lankford Stephens 162 lankford.stephens@case.edu 216.368.3713
Tinkham Veale Ctr. 1st Shift Vanessa Flenoy 157 vanessa.flenoy@case.edu 216.368.5681
Tinkham Veale Ctr. 2nd Shift Emily Beny 191 emily.beny@case.edu 216.368.5681
Tinkham Veale Ctr. 3rd Shift Angela Miller 190 angela.miller2@case.edu 216.368.5681
Maltz Performing Arts 1st Shift Silas Pope 164 silas.pope@case.edu 216.368.0744
Maltz Performing Arts 2nd Shift Robert Prezioso 137 robert.prezioso@case.edu 216.368.0744
Maltz Performing Arts 3rd Shift Doraley Jacobs 197 doraley.jacobs@case.edu 216.368.0744
Maltz Performing Arts Weekends Brandon Amerson 198 brandon.amerson@case.edu 216.368.0744


Public Safety Administration

Title Name Email Phone
Executive Director of Public Safety Frank Demes frank.demes@case.edu 216.368.0996
Deputy Director of Administration Jeffrey Daberko jeffrey.daberko@case.edu 216.368.1243
Department Administrator Michelle Saafir michelle.saafir@case.edu 216.368.3185
Protective Systems Manager Mike Arnone m.arnone@case.edu 216.368.8655
Emergency Manager Megan Koeth megan.koeth@case.edu 216.368.1176
Systems Technician James Perry james.perry @case.edu 216.368.6306
Systems Technician Patrick Tyler patrick.tyler@case.edu 216.368.6306
Fire Alarms Technician James Powers james.powers@case.edu 216.368.6306
Department Assistant 3 Karen Gregor karen.gregor@case.edu 216.368.6811
Clery Compliance & Accreditation Coordinator Carissa Tuliraba




Communications Center Operations

Title Name Badge Email Phone
Communication Center Manager  Toria Williams 171 toria.williams@case.edu 216.368.2076
Communications Officer- Lead Sheena Franklin 170 sheena.franklin@case.edu 216.368.3300
Communications Officer Jessica Gadison 175 jessica.gadison@case.edu 216.368.3300
Communications Officer Latia Washington 178 latia.washingtion@case.edu 216.368.3300
Communications Officer Lalinda Freeman 174 lalinda.freeman@case.edu 216.368.3300
Communications Officer Beth Hamilton 173 beth.hamilton@case.edu 216.368.3300
Communications Officer Candice Webb 176 candice.webb@case.edu 216.368.3300
Communications Officer Latasha Smith 177 latasha.smith@case.edu 216.368.3300