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Officer Shruthi Anderson


To provide a safe, resilient, and inclusive environment for all.

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Officer Brent Lytton

Patrol Officer Brent Lytton

My proudest achievement would have to be the implementation of the ALICE program that we brought to the university about 10 years ago. Chief Owens and I have trained and taught the university community on what to do if there's an active aggressor on campus. Watch.

Facilities Security Coordinator Melissa Huff

Campus Security Coordinator Melissa Huff

What motivates me to come to work everyday is getting to be part of the campus community and being part of a team that continues to motivate me. Watch.

Communications Officer Lalinda Freeman

Communications Officer Lalinda Freeman

Something that motivates me to come to work everyday are my three beautiful children. Also, I love the job that I do. One day I woke up and watched the news and it motivated be to be the change. As a dispatcher, I get to help protect and save lives. Watch.

Control Systems Technician Patrick Tyler

Control Systems Technician Patrick Tyler

My favorite part about working for CWRU is the flexibility it gives my social, family, and work life. Also, I enjoy the kind and fun team that I work with. Watch.

Officer Shruthi Anderson

Patrol Officer Shruthi Anderson

I joined the CWRU team because of how diverse the campus community is. There are so many different people working to make the campus a better place. I enjoy interacting with people and knowing that I play a role in making the campus safer.

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