CWRU 10/14/17

CWRU 10/14/17

Date Released: 16 October 2017

Security Alert

Case Western Reserve University Police & Security Services

Location of incident: Lower south dorms courtyard (near Tippit House)

Time of incident: 0945 am

Incident description: 3 juvenile males were in the lower south dorms cortyard when one male approached a student and asked her to call his mom. As she was dialing the number the male grabbed the phone out of her hand and ran off toward Murray Hill & Cedar. The other 2 males ran off in the same direction.

Suspect description: Suspect 1: Black male (dark complexion) 5'3-5'4 10-11 years old, short hair, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black jeans and black shoes. Suspect 2: Black male (dark complexion) 5'5-5'6 12-13 years old, wearing a dark blue zip up sweatshirt with the hood over his head, khaki pants and white shoes. Suspect 3: Black male (dark complexion) 5'4-5'5, 11-12 years old, short hair, wearing a dark blue long sleeve shirt with a hood it, lighter pants and white shoes.

Additional information: The victim was not injured.

Initiated: 10/14/17

Information provided by: Case Western Reserve University Police Department