Security Alert: 3/21/2014

Security Alert: 3/21/2014

Date Released: 21 May 2014

The following incident took place off campus but CWRU PD would like the campus community to be aware.

Location of incident: East 120th RTA stop, E.120th/Euclid Avenue

Date of incident: 3/21/2014

Time of incident: 3:07 PM

Incident description: A CWRU staff member was on the ground floor of the E.120th rapid stop when she
was approached from behind by three males who forced her against a wall and took personal property from
her. The males then field the scene on foot, eastbound on Euclid Avenue. The victim was not injured. RTA
police are investigating.

Suspect description: Three black males aged 15-16, two of the males were wearing hooded sweatshirts,
one green in color and one white in color.

Security Alert# 1

Initiated: 3/21/2014

Information provided by: University Circle Police Department