Security Alert: 9/2/2014

Security Alert: 9/2/2014

Date Released: 2 September 2014

Security Alert

Location of incident: Mayfield Road at the RTA bridge (East 117th/119th)

Date of incident: 2 September, 2014

Time of incident: 9:51 PM

Incident description: A female victim was confronted by two suspects. One of the suspects sprayed the victim with mace and then grabbed her cellular phone. As suspects were attempting to grab the victim's purse, a struggle ensued. The victim pleaded with suspects to allow her to keep her purse and identification cards. The victim offered to remove cash from the purse and give it to the suspects. The suspects agreed and over $100 was turned over to them. Suspects then fled northbound on foot. The victim went to a nearby restaurant to alert police. The victim sustained no visible injuries other than the effects of the mace.

Suspect description:
Suspect #1 - White female or male, 18-20YOA, 5' 4", 120lbs, wearing a green in color hooded sweat shirt and dark skull cap.
Suspect #2 - White female, 18-20 YOA, 5'8", 130lbs, blonde hair with pony tail, wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, and spoke in a southern Ohio accent.
The victim related both suspects "smelled" as though they had not bathed in some time.

Additional information: Cleveland Police responded and will continue the investigation. No arrests were made.

Initiated: 2 September, 2014

Information provided by: CWRU Police Department

Security Alert # 9