Spartan Ride

How to Download

1. Download "CWRU Spartan Ride" from the iPhone App Store or Google Play

Spartan Ride will combines on-demand Safe Ride services and shuttle route schedules into one mobile app, which replaced the existing Safe Ride app and allow riders to find the most convenient routes to their destination. 

One Stop For Transportation Resources

Riders are able to toggle between tabs in the app to access Safe Ride services or locate the nearest shuttle route to find the quickest way to their destination. 

Spartan Ride Home Screen

Increased Reliability

Spartan Ride integrates existing public transportation services in the area through TransLoc, increasing app reliability and improve user experience.

Dedicated Grocery Route

Spartan Ride launched a dedicated loop to and from Dave's Market daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Riders are able to use this service to shuttle from the Spartan Ride service area to Dave's Market and back, providing lower wait times for other riders and support those who need to transport groceries.