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CWRU Shield App

CWRU Shield App

Reporting Quickly and Accurately

CWRU Shield is a free smartphone application that helps Case Western Reserve University police respond to emergency situations quickly and with more accuracy than ever before.

CWRU Shield goes beyond GPS using cutting-edge technology called Indoor Positioning System (IPS). This enables emergency personnel to locate the caller’s approximate internal building location (building, floor and room) using Wi-Fi.

After downloading the app, users create a profile with as much personal information as desired—photos, contact information, local address, medical conditions, emergency contacts and more. This information is stored on a secure server and used only during emergencies. For optimal performance, remember to "allow location services" and to keep your Wi-Fi turned "on" when on campus.  

CWRU Shield has eight main functions. All of these functions can be used anywhere you have cellular or Wi-Fi coverage, both on and off campus.

For more information and instructions on CWRU Shield, watch the CWRU Shield Video. Questions or concerns should be directed to

Emergency Calling

The CWRU Shield coverage area goes just beyond the frequently traveled areas in the University Circle area. If callers are outside the coverage boundaries, the app alerts users that they are outside CWRU’s jurisdiction. Your phone then calls the nearest 911 communications center.

If an emergency call is pressed within the Shield coverage area, an alert is sent to the CWRU Communications Center that you may need help. Included in this alert is your profile information with a map of your current location. Your phone then calls the CWRU Communications Center and you are connected with emergency response.

Prior to receiving the emergency call, the dispatcher will already know who you are and where you are, alleviating the traditional 30 seconds of a 911 emergency call getting you the help you need. Additionally, if you are in a situation (medical or safety) and you cannot speak, you location will already be known and emergency response will be sent to your location. If the emergency call is placed inside a campus building and your Wi-Fi is turned on, your approximate internal building location (building, floor and room) will be known to reduce response time.

Safety Checks

Safety checks are designed to let the user's emergency contacts know if they may need help. For example, a user might set a safety check while walking from one building to another at night, walking from their office to a vehicle, going for a jog or any other activities where you just want additional safety.  

Once set, the safety check timer will run until the user turns it off or it expires. If the pre-determined time expires, CWRU Shield sends a text message to the emergency contact in the user’s profile alerting them you may need assistance. Included in the text message is a description of your activity along with a link to a map showing your most recent location. It can also contact CWRU police, if the user chooses.

Safety checks can be used anywhere the user has either cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. You do not have to be on campus to use this function (Spring Break, walking dog at home, on a blind date downtown, etc.).

Emergency Check-In

This function is accessed through the Safety Check tab. It can be used to send a one-time text message during a campus-wide emergency to alert your emergency contacts that you are safe. Also included in the message is a link to a map with your current physical location.

Similar to Safety Checks, this action can be used anywhere you have cellular or Wi-Fi coverage—not just on campus.


Access the Tips section to quickly send photos and videos—anonymously, if desired—directly to CWRU Police. These might include crime tips, suspicious activity, icy sidewalks, parking violations or maintenance issues.

Do not use Tips for emergency situations; you should use the emergency calling feature for dangerous or emergency situations. And please, do not put yourself in harm’s way to capture a Tips report.

Safe Ride

In addition to the campus shuttle system, the university offers a free shuttle service between the hours of 7 p.m. and 3 a.m., seven days a week. The Safe Ride shuttle operates anywhere in the University Circle area. To request a ride, simply press the “Get Safe Ride” button, enter your location and the shuttle will be sent to your location.

High call volume during peak hours or adverse weather conditions may affect response times. Campus bus systems may be a quicker option.

Campus Bus System

CWRU’s campus bus system operates many different routes throughout the day and evening hours, 7 days a week. To see a list of campus bus stops near your current location, simply press “Get a Ride” function in the app. Press “Where’s the Shuttle” button and a list of available routes with the next bus arrival time will be displayed.

Crime Map

An interactive crime map is available in the “Services” tab in the app containing all crimes reported to CWRU Police in the last 30 days. Simply press the “Crime Map” button and a map will be displayed with “pins” indicating locations of reports. You can touch any “pin” and more details on the report (date/time/offense) can be reviewed.

What to Do If…

During a campus emergency, many community members may have questions on what they are expected to do. This feature allows users to quickly access directions for various types of emergencies that may occur on a college campus. Simply select the type of emergency, and directions for that emergency will be displayed on your screen.

Mental Health Emergencies

During times of stress or when you just need to speak with someone confidentially, CWRU Shield offers a quick and easy tool to get you the help you need. Just press the “Mental Health Emergency” button through the “Get Ride” tab and you will be connected with 24-hour CWRU counseling services.

How to Download

Download CWRU Shield from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

See Shield in Action

The CWRU Shield instructional video shows you exactly how it works. Watch now >