Program Action Form

The Action Form for Majors/Minors/Programs/Sequences/Degrees got an upgrade. It’s now online and renamed to Program Action Form.

Program Action Form


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Training and Resources

Review our Program Action Form GUIDES

These guides will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do the most common actions in the Program Action Form process. If a scenario is not covered within the guide, please email for individualized assistance in completing the task.


Find what you’re looking for in the GLOSSARY

The glossary will provide definitions and a “what this field means” breakdown of the form to help you answer each question appropriately.


REQUEST a demonstration for your area

Faculty and staff who may interact with this process can request for a University Registrar's Office staff member to do a demonstration (including a Q&A session) during a time that works for their area.


Benefits of New Program Action Form

  • Electronic. Program Action Forms (PAF) will now be created and submitted online with an automated workflow.

  • Allows for easier collaboration in proposing/editing programs. All faculty and staff at the university will have access to the online system. Each person working on the proposal will have the ability to make changes, save them and come back to resume work at a later time. Changes made to the form are captured through red/green markup to show information that has been removed (red/strikethrough) or added (green/underlined).

  • Facilitates complete proposals. The form has been created to use logic and dependencies to hide or reveal form fields based on the answers to previous questions.

  • Automates workflow. Proposals move forward efficiently based on school and university-level approval requirements. Users will not need to rely on the university's program approval matrix to determine the correct approval governance.

  • Provides proposal transparency. The form will show and track edits and comments, making review and status of proposals easy to follow.

  • Synchronizes updates with the General Bulletin. Program requirements no longer need to be edited in the Bulletin, eliminating dual entry of program changes. Once proposals are finalized through the electronic PAF process, the next edition of the Bulletin will automatically reflect the changes.

University Sponsors

To the Case Western Reserve University Community:


The university has been working on modernization of the processes for the approvals of new, and revisions to existing Majors/Minors/Programs/Sequences/Degrees. For this purpose, there is now an online Program Action Form (PAF). As co-executive sponsors for this upgrade project, we are excited to share with you some of the much-anticipated improvements.


Highlights include:

  • Allows for collaboration in proposing/editing programs
  • Supports complete and accurate proposals
  • Automates workflow
  • Proposal transparency
  • Eliminates dual entry of program changes


The PAF is scheduled to launch in October 2021 and will position us to take advantage of a streamlined process. If you have questions, please contact the project team at


Sincere thanks from the CourseLeaf Executive Co-Sponsors,

Donald L. Feke
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Academic & Faculty Affairs

Charles Rozek
Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Academic & Faculty Affairs


Program Action Form Guides

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