Registration Info for Undergraduate Advisors

About Online Registration

Students register for courses online using the Student Information System (SIS). The online system, which offers the convenience of registration at students' PCs, preserves important features of the advising process including advisor review of class schedules, department or instructor control over permit only courses, and dean's office review of credit overload requests.

The key elements of online registration are:

Registration in Real-Time

Online registration is real-time and students are confirming their actual course enrollments.

Computing Issues

Registration is web-based so students will need access to a computer and an internet connection to use SIS. Computer labs on campus are available to students who want to register online but who do not otherwise have access to a computer.

Registration Priority by Seniority for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students without holds may register beginning on their assigned appointment date AND ANYTIME THEREAFTER THROUGH THE END OF THE DROP/ADD PERIOD. A student's appointment date is based on criteria such as anticipated graduation date, cumulative credit hours earned, and matriculation term. (See When Can I Register? for current priority designations.)

New first year students starting in the fall will register online during the summer.

Advising and Advising Holds

In order to register using SIS, a student's advising hold must be released by their advisor. Advisees are encouraged to meet with advisors during the "advising period" for schedule review and general advising. The releasing of an advising hold is the advisor "signature" and represents the advisor's approval of the student's course selection. Each student will have an advising hold placed on their record twice a year (fall and spring). Department academic representatives may have access to release advising holds for their department's majors.

For instructions, see Releasing an Advising Hold.

Course Permissions, Overloads and Course Withdrawals

Course permissions, credit overloads, course withdrawals after the end of the drop/add period, and complete semester withdrawals will require the student to see the appropriate person and to secure the necessary permissions. Course permission, requisite overrides, and overloads may be issued electronically by the instructor which will allow the student to register for the course in question via SIS.

In-person Registration and Registration Forms

Students can register in person using a paper registration form. Students using the paper registration process will conform to the same priority schedule as the online users.