Home Screen Overview


Stellic is a product that integrates directly into the Student Information System (SIS) and is available to all undergraduate students at CWRU. Stellic significantly improves the ability of undergraduate students to organize, track, and personalize their degree path.

Student Home Screen Overview

  1. Log in to SIS with your CWRU ID and associated passphrase. From the Student Home page, select the Academics tile.

    The Academics screen appears.

  2. From the Academics page, select the Academic Progress tile.

    Alternatively, use the menu and navigate to Academics > Academic Progress.

  3. Choose My Academic Requirements from the menu on the left.

  4. Select the Career of Undergraduate. Click the View link.

  5. The Stellic software will open in a new tab in your internet browser.

Below are a few highlights of Stellic:

Stellic Home: This is the first screen you will see when you click the link in SIS. It will give you a dashboard of information related to your academics.

Track: This section provides a snapshot of features including major, GPA, and degree progress. You can see your progression toward graduation based on your current degree plan. Stellic makes it easy to visually identify your progress toward requirements using different colors and icons for completed, planned, and unplanned courses.

Plan: This section allows you to plan for multiple terms with a side-by-side view showing a list of only remaining requirements (on the tentative list) or a snapshot of your degree audit to plan for any unsatisfied requirements you still need to take. Just drag and drop them into place.

Schedule: This area lets you easily identify sections for your classes in the planner or drag an open time slot on your calendar, and choose from courses offered during that time that could fulfill your requirements.

Explore: This area allows you to look at other potential programs at Case Western Reserve and quickly see how your current courses could count towards them and what additional coursework would be needed.