Track Progress


The Track Progress view shows progress toward graduation requirements. Below the profile information, the default view of this page shows the Progress tab. Graduation requirements are listed in the form of a program audit, which is made up of requirements and constraints.

Track Progress

  1. Log in to SIS with your CWRU ID and associated passphrase. From the Student Home page, select the Academics tile.

    The Academics screen appears.

  2. From the Academics page, select the Academic Progress tile.

    Alternatively, use the menu and navigate to Academics > Academic Progress.

  3. Choose My Academic Requirements from the menu on the left.

  4. Select the Career of Undergraduate. Click the View link.

  5. The Stellic software will open in a new tab in your internet browser. From the left side menu, click Track Progress.

In the center of the screen, you will see the following information:


  • Progress: This view shows the courses slotted in to fulfill requirements in your audit.

  • Planner: This view shows the courses by term. The system will default to this view.

  • Courses: This view shows a list of courses already taken, chronologically by term.

Official/Planned: The audit will show any programs (such as majors or minors) that you have declared or added to your plan. Each program will have a breakdown of courses/units taken and planned and also the GPA specific to that program.

  • You can view your progress in two ways:
    • Official Audit Progress which only shows classes already taken or registered

    • Planned Audit Progress which shows classes planned out within Stellic, and courses already taken or registered.

Full Audit: There are four viewing options for the audit report:

  • Full audit: The default view when you look at an audit. All constraints are automatically collapsed. Fulfill all requirements are expanded so they are easy to see.

  • Compact: All constraints are automatically collapsed. All requirements are also collapsed.

  • Remaining: Will see just the requirements that the student has remaining that have also not been planned. This view is exactly what a student would see if they were on the Planner page -- the list that shows here is what would show in the Tentative List in the Planner.

  • Expanded audit: Expands all requirements and all constraints of the audit.

Constraint Box: Within each category of classes, you can see specific constraints (rules for which courses can count). Click the Constraint box next to the requirement's title to get the details for what can count in that category.

Please note: there may be Unmatched Courses. These are courses that are taken or in the planner, but do not count towards anything in the audit, even the unit total. They could be unmatched because the letter grade is not sufficient to fulfill the requirement, or because another course is filling the requirement instead.

To further understand your audit, see the guides for Audit Icons and Audit Tags.