Audit Tags


Throughout your degree audit report, you may see tags with different indications. Their meanings are listed below.

Requirement Tags

Grade Does Not Apply: This tag identifies that a course is not counting because it does not meet the criteria of a satisfactory grade to count toward the requirement as established by the institution (e.g. PNO grade option courses, grades of W or F, P or S grades unless a constraint is added to establish that non-letter grades courses can count)

Repeated Course: This tag identifies any course that is not “repeatable for credit” to indicate to students that they are not able to apply this offering toward their requirements.

Additional Check: This tag identifies that the requirement is set up as an “Additional Check” and is not a typical requirement. Please see the Additional Check section below for more information.

No Matching Program Requirement: This tag is applied to any program that is on the student’s record in SIS, but an audit has not been established (meaning it does not have any academic requirements for graduation). A program that has this tag does not count toward a student’s remaining requirements.


To further understand your audit, see the guides Track Progress and Audit Icons.