Audit Icons


Throughout your degree audit report, you will see icons with different indications. Their meanings are listed below.

Audit Icons 

Green checkmark: The course/requirement has been completed. These are already taken and passed classes, or requirements that are fulfilled.

Red box: The course/requirement still needs to be completed. In the official audit, any section not taken or registered will show red.

Red number in a red box: The number of remaining courses for a requirement. Non-course requirements are not included in this total.

Yellow double checkmarks: The course is currently being taken.

Yellow single checkmark: The course/requirement is in the plan and will be satisfied once completed.

Green link: The course is double counting with a requirement in another program.

Red exclamation point: The course is taken/registered but cannot count for the requirement (ex: unsatisfactory grade, double counting limits, etc).

Black exclamation point: The course was completed successfully but is not needed to fulfill a specific requirement.

Crossing arrows: This indicates that the requirement is being filled by a course that your institution has designated as equivalent to the course noted in the audit.

Shaded dot/unshaded dot: The course is being used to satisfy a higher lever parent requirement.


To further understand your audit, see the guides Track Progress and Audit Tags.