Current State and Local News on Lead

Ohio Children's Budget 

January 2021 -  The Ohio Lead Free Kids Coalition issued an Issue Brief on Child Lead Poisoning as part of the Ohio Children's Budget process.

Ohio Legislative Children’s Caucus

November 2019 – Policy Director, Gabrielle Celeste participated in a panel on lead prevention with the Ohio Children’s Caucus. View the live stream of the meeting.

May 2019 – Senator Lehner hosts Inaugural Ohio Legislative Children’s Caucus Meeting and establishes their purpose: to improve the effectiveness and reach of policy designed to positively impact children from birth to age eighteen.

April 2019 – Senator Lehner announces creation of Ohio Children’s Caucus to prioritize Ohio’s kids by focusing public policy and state funding to support proven strategies and identify innovative solutions to support Ohio’s kids.

Ohio Lead Advisory Committee

October 2019 – Governor Mike DeWine and Lead Advisory Committee held lead-based events in Cleveland and Toledo. In Cleveland, they visited Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital and heard from the Cleveland Lead Coalition on their plans to disseminate their state and federal resources to address lead poisoning.

September 2019 – Governor Mike DeWine announced the Creation of the Ohio Lead Advisory Committee. The committee will focus on prevention, abatement, remediation and treatment. Ohio Lead-Free Kids Coalition (OLFKC) Co-Chair Patricia Barnes joins a number of multidisciplinary members, including several partners from the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition, to serve on this committee and develop recommendations for state action. The OLFKC will continue to work for a comprehensive state plan for prevention of child lead poisoning, as well as effective implementation of the state budget lead investments.

Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition

November 2019 – Local foundations commit $8.1 million to the Lead Safe Home Fund and Resource Center. Read about other ways the city is committing to lead poisoning prevention.

July 2019 – Cleveland City Council passed legislation aimed at significantly reducing the number of children being poisoned by lead. Read more about what this local ordinance requires of landlords.

June 2019 – Steering Committee for Lead Safe Cleveland includes Faculty Associate, Robert Fischer (Chair of Research and Evaluation Committee), and Policy Director, Gabriella Celeste. Read Mt. Sinai’s press release for the steering committee.

May 2019 – Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition submitted policy recommendations to Cleveland City Council to help make Cleveland lead safe. Read more about the policy recommendations.

January 2019 – Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition announced by Mayor Frank Jackson to address lead poisoning locally. Read the Coalition’s five-point action plan and list of partners and collaborators.

Early Intervention Rule 

March 2019 – Children in Ohio now face fewer obstacles in getting state services for early intervention, thanks to a new rule. The Department of Developmental Disabilities now automatically includes children with elevated blood lead levels. Read more information on the supports provided by the Early Intervention Services.