Disbursements and Payments

Disbursement Methods


Organizations are allowed to spend out-of-pocket money and then be reimbursed. You must keep your receipt or have some type of proof of purchase. You must turn in the original receipt and it must be itemized with all the items purchased clearly listed. You must also provide your 7 digit ID number or the disbursement cannot be processed.


Students are allowed to sign up for a CDEP card during a specific sign-up period. These cards are to be used by the name holder only. Violation of this could result in a suspension of this privilege. Application periods and links are publicized by the VP of Finance.

Petty Cash

Used on rare occasions, students can get a petty cash voucher for organization purchases under $75. You must bring the original receipt to the SA&L when picking up the petty cash form. Then take the voucher to the Cashier's Office in Yost and update the information on CampusGroups

Check Reimbursement

If the disbursement is over $75, then you will be reimbursed by check. You will not receive notification when your check is ready to pick up in the Cashier's Office, but check periodically after two or three weeks. The process may take 10-14 business days.

Purchase Card

There is a credit card available for use if the purchase can be made by phone or over the internet. Please schedule a meeting with Rachel Stegemann in the Student Activities & Leadership Office in advance. Proof of purchase, an invoice or print out, must be provided and the exact amount charged to the card placed on the form. The disbursement form must be filled out before use and approved. The approved form will be returned to you when you make the purchase in the Student Activities & Leadership Office. Attach the proof of purchase and, if necessary, update the amount paid.

University Account Transfer

If you're paying another CWRU department, organization, please indicate the group, department, or speedtype and the transfer will be made. If being billed by another department and they will transfer the money automatically, you must still fill out a disbursement.

External Vendor/Service Payment

Include pay-to information and accompany with CWRU contract.

The Form

  1. Event Information - if the allocation and disbursement are tied to a specific event, please provide that information. If it is not, skip those lines.
  2. Description of Disbursement - What was the money spent on? What allocation line item does this purchase fall under? Give us some information detailing the request.