Resume Reviews

A black man in a suit using a wheelchair holds an ipad while a woman of color reviews it

At Weatherhead School of Management, we use a standardized, required resume format for graduate students when applying for positions on our school system, Handshake. Based on graduate school trends and employer needs, we have created a standardized resume that allows employers to easily access the content of our students' experiences.

Please follow these steps to get your resume reviewed and approved:

  • Step 1: Update your resume using the approved templates found on the Intranet.
  • Step 2: Upload your resume to VMock for initial review. Make suggested updates to score a 70 or higher.
  • Step 3: Email your resume to us for a final review and approval. MBA students should send their resume to their career advisor. Specialty master’s students should send their resume to VMock and request feedback.
  • Step 4: Upload your final approved resume to Handshake.

Cover Letter

In most cases, a cover letter is the first impression a recruiter makes about you. A well-written cover letter provides insight about your interest in the company and the position, delivers a focused message that goes beyond your resume, and lets your personality shine through. A cover letter should always be included with your resume.

Guidelines for Writing Effective Cover Letters