Faculty Appointments

Faculty Appointment Documents

The appointing school submits the Recommendation for Faculty Appointment form with its documentation to the office of the deputy provost for approval.

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Full-Time Faculty Appointments

The Office of the Provost approves offers for full-time* faculty appointments at Case Western Reserve University and reviews and submits recommendations to the trustees for final approval of faculty titled:

  • instructor or senior instructor
  • assistant professor 
  • associate professor
  • professor

*The Faculty Handbook defines a faculty appointment as “full-time” if 50 percent or more time is devoted to approved academic activities conducted at an approved site.

Timing: The appointing school completes the required steps and submits documentation to the Office of the Provost to obtain approval in advance of the candidate’s start date. Actions that require trustee approval and submission dates can be found at Board of Trustees Submission Timetable.

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equal Opportunity (OIDEO) provides step-by-step instructions to initiate a search for all full-time faculty appointments. OIDEO’s approval to offer an appointment is required before a full-time faculty appointment is offered as:

  • instructor or senior instructor
  • assistant professor
  • associate professor
  • professor

The following categories of full-time special faculty are appointed according to the policies of the appointing school and submitted to the Office of the Provost for approval.

  • full-time visiting faculty
  • full-time lecturer
  • research faculty

Verification of Faculty Credentials

Effective September 1, 2017, the Verification of Faculty Credentials form must be filed for each appointment if applicable.

Other Actions Requiring Office of the Provost Approval

  • External appointment at another academic institution: A faculty member may not hold appointment in another educational institution without written approval in advance by the Provost; request for approval should be directed to the faculty member's department chair (or, in a school without departments, the dean (or a designee of the chair or dean). Download the form to get started.
  • Faculty transfers between schools 
  • Secondary appointments across schools

**Note: Faculty transfers between departments within the school and secondary appointments in departments within the school are approved on the dean's authority, with appropriate internal approvals.

Part-Time Faculty Appointments

Appointments of part-time faculty are made by the dean of the appointing faculty in accord with policies of the individual school.