J. Bruce Jackson, MD, Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring

The Jackson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring recognizes the positive impact Case Western Reserve University faculty and staff have on the lives of students. It was established by J. Bruce Jackson, Adelbert '52, in honor of Dean Carl F. Wittke, who served as an advisor, mentor and friend to Dr. Jackson when he was an undergraduate student at Western Reserve University.

The Jackson Award celebrates faculty and staff who have guided a student in their academic and career paths; fostered the student's long-term personal development; challenged the student to reflect, explore and grow as an individual; and supported and/or facilitated the student's goals and life choices. Jackson Award recipients are honored at the Undergraduate Studies diploma ceremony.

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2024 Award Recipients

Jessica Fox, Professor, Department of Biology

Aysegul Keskin Zeren, Assistant Director of Student Experience


Previous Award Winners

Paula Fitzgibbon, Full-time Lecturer, Department of Mathematics

Narcisz Fejes, Full-time Lecturer, Sages Fellow

Nicole Crown, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biology

Tamara Randall, MS, Instructor and Director of the Master of Science in Public Health Nutrition Dietetic Internship

Ashley Nemes-Baran, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosciences, School of Medicine

Gabrielle Parkin, PhD, SAGES Fellow, Interim Director of the Writing Resource Center

Andrea Milne, Lecturer, Department of History, and SAGES Teaching Fellow

Paul Tesar, PhD, Professor, School of Medicine 

Monica Gerrek, PhD, Assistant Professor, Bioethics 

Jenny Hawkins, PhD, Assistant Professor, Economics 

Drew Adams, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Department of Genetics 

Lauren Calandruccio, Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences