Cap + Gown

Ordering Your Regalia

Academic regalia (cap and gown) is required for all graduates attending in-person ceremonies. Students may order in one of four ways:


Case Western Reserve University regalia is made in America by Oak Hall Cap & Gown. Bachelor's and master's gowns are made using innovative GreenWeaver fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This eco-friendly choice reinforces the university's commitment to sustainability. 



Regalia Pricing

Please note that tax is not included in prices below.

  • Full Bachelor's Regalia (Cap, Gown and Tassel): $63.98

Pricing is for purchase only. Late fee (charged after registration is closed) $10.00

  • Full Master's Regalia (Cap, Gown, hood and Tassel): $112.96

Pricing is for purchase only. Late fee (charged after registration is closed) $10.00


  • Gown: $85.00
  • Hood: $32.00
  • Tam: $42.00
  • Total, without tax: $159.00


  • Gown: $691.00
  • Hood: $141.00
  • Tam: $81.00
  • Total, without tax: $913.00

*Shipping available at additional cost of $19.95

Garment Fit and Care

Curious about how to wear your cap and gown? Check out Oak Hall's video tutorials

Need help determining how to measure for an academic tam? Watch the video

Cords & Stoles

Graduates are permitted to wear with their academic regalia cords and stoles conferred and provided by University offices or recognized student organizations that reflect academic honors or participation in particular University programs or activities. If eligible to wear cords and stoles, students should contact the office or organization for information about obtaining these items.

Mortar Board Decor

Graduates are permitted to embellish their caps, keeping in mind the spirit of the occasion and the parameters of good taste. 

Academic Hoods

The colors on the inside of the hood (blue and gray) indicate that the graduate wearing the hood earned his or her degree from Case Western Reserve University. The colored velvet on the outside of the hood indicates in what discipline the degree was earned. Traditional academic hood colors are listed below (not all programs listed are offered at Case Western Reserve University):

  • Agriculture: Maize
  • Arts, Letters, Humanities: White
  • Commerce, Accountancy, Business: Drab*
  • Dentistry: Lilac
  • Economics: Copper
  • Education: Light Blue
  • Engineering: Orange*
  • Fine Arts, including Architecture: Brown
  • Law: Purple
  • Library Science: Lemon
  • Medicine: Green
  • Music: Pink
  • Nursing: Apricot
  • Oratory (Speech): Silver Gray
  • Pharmacy: Olive Green
  • Philosophy: Dark Blue
  • Physical Education: Sage Green
  • Public Administration, including Foreign Service: Peacock Blue
  • Public Health: Salmon Pink
  • Science: Golden Yellow
  • Social Work + Nonprofit Management: Citron
  • Theology: Scarlet
  • Veterinary Science: Gray

*Master's of Engineering Management (MEM) graduates alternate each year between participating in the Graduate Studies diploma ceremony wearing the School of Engineering hood (orange), and the Weatherhead School of Management diploma ceremony wearing the School of Business hood (drab).