All graduating students planning to participate in Spring 2023 Commencement must register. Commencement registration is a separate process from the SIS application for graduation. The purpose of commencement registration is to indicate attendance at the university-wide convocation and at school-specific diploma ceremonies. 

Registration is open March 1 - March 31. Students who do not receive an email with registration information by March 2 should contact their commencement coordinator.

If you cannot access the registration site, please contact your Commencement Coordinator


The Marching Order issues have been resolved if you previously had difficulty submitting your form please try the following steps: 

- Clear your browser cache and cookies 
- Do a hard refresh on your browser
- Use a different browser
- Use a private or incognito browsing window

Please be sure to use your full email when registering for Marching Order. For example:

Student: John Doe






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