PIT-UN Challenge (2021)

The PIT University Network Challenge seeks to encourage new ideas, foster collaborations, and incentivize resource- and information-sharing among network members.

PIT University Year 3 Network Challenge (2021)

The PIT-UN has an annual funding opportunity ("Challenge") for member universities.

The current year's PIT-UN challenge is open—project funding of up to $180,000.

Last year, $4.4M was awarded in the PIT-UN Challenge.

This is a limited submission opportunity.  ISSACS is coordinating the PIT-UN Challenge program at CWRU, working with Dr. Mitchell Drumm, Interim Vice President for Research and Technology Management, and ORTM.

Important Dates

  • May 20, 2021 - CWRU Information Session - register here
  • June 4, 2021 - CWRU Limited Submission Deadline - Limited submission instructions here
  • June 11, 2021 - Limited Submission Nominees Notified
  • July 12, 2021 - Internal Submission Deadline 
  • July 15, 2021 - PIT-UN Submission Deadline
  • October 2021 - Notification of Awards
  • January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 - Award Period 

Limited Submission

The CWRU Limited Submission instructions can be found here: https://cwru.infoready4.com/CompetitionSpace/#competitionDetail/1843174

Information Session

We will be holding an Information Session (Zoom) for anyone interested in learning more on:

Thursday, May 20, 2021

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Registration: CampusGroups cglink.me/2cS/r1101349

We will review the RFP and limited submission process during the session, highlight a few relevant, previously funded PIT-UN projects, and answer any questions.


Here is the full PIT-UN Challenge and a helpful FAQ document.

Here are the previously funded PIT-UN Challenge projects.

ISSACS PIT-UN Funding Opportunity

In order to support the development of PIT at CWRU, ISSACS, in partnership with the IoT Collaborative, will co-invest up to $50,000 (cash) for one submission for the highest funding level ($91,000-$180,000) that is chosen from the CWRU Limited Submission for the PIT-UN Challenge.

The following guidelines apply:

  • ISSACS will co-invest up to $50,000 (cash)
  • ISSACS’ co-investment needs to be matched 1:1 with an additional institutional (department, school, institution) cash co-investment 
  • ISSACS’ co-investment is a cash match (i.e., not cost-share)
  • ISSACS co-investment will only be for a proposed project at the highest funding tier ($91,000-$180,000)
  • In addition to the cash co-investment, additional cost-share (e.g., faculty and/or staff effort, student support) will be expected for a competitive proposal
  • Co-investment (cash and cost-share) needs to be documented via letters of commitment.


If you need additional information, please email Nick Barendt at nab2@case.edu.