PIT-UN Year 5 Network Challenge (2023)

The PIT-UN has an annual funding opportunity ("Network Challenge") for member universities.

The current year's PIT-UN challenge is open, with project funding of up to $180,000.

Last year, 18 proposals from 43 institutions were awarded a total of $2.3 million in grant funds to support workforce development in the intersection of public interest and technology.

This is a limited submission opportunity.

ISSACS is coordinating the PIT-UN Network Challenge program at CWRU and will assist with the final proposal submission to the sponsor. Faculty should work with their departmental grants specialist to complete their internal SPARTA approval process, as usual.

Important Dates

  • April 10, 2023 - Limited Submission Application Open
  • April 12, 2023 - Funding Opportunity and Submission Info Session
  • April 21, 2023 - Announce Limited Submission Finalists
  • May 10, 2023 - Applications in SPARTA
  • May 15, 2023 - Full Proposal (Sponsor) Deadline

Limited Submission

The CWRU Limited Submission instructions can be found here:

Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) Challenge 2023

PIT-UN Overview and Funding Opportunity Information Session

We will be holding a virtual event for anyone interested in learning more about the PIT-UN Year 5 Network Challenge.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

12:30 PM - 1:00 PM (Zoom)

No registration required


The RFP can be found here: PIT-UN Year 4 (2022) Network Challenge

Additional information about the PIT-UN Network Challenge, including recorded and upcoming webinars, can be found at the PIT-UN Network Challenge site.

ISSACS PIT-UN Funding Opportunity

In order to support the development of PIT at CWRU, ISSACS, in partnership with the IoT Collaborative, will co-invest up to $25,000 (cash) for one submission for the highest funding level ($90,000-$180,000) that is chosen from the CWRU Limited Submission for the PIT-UN Challenge.

The following guidelines apply:

  • ISSACS will co-invest up to $25,000 (cash) for a proposed project at the highest funding tier ($90,000-$180,000)
  • ISSACS’ co-investment needs to be matched at least 1:1 with additional institutional cash co-investment (e.g., discretionary department, school, or institution funding)
  • ISSACS’ co-investment is a cash match (i.e., not cost-share)
  • Additional cost-share co-investment (e.g., faculty and/or staff AY effort, student support) is strongly encouraged
  • Co-investment (cash and cost-share) must be documented via letters of commitment in full proposal.

If you need additional information, please email Nick Barendt at nab2@case.edu.