Jewish Explorations Newsletter Columns

Alanna Cooper, Director of Jewish Lifelong Learning, has launched a weekly newsletter to keep you updated on the lively events that are going on at CWRU-Siegal Lifelong Learning. Each issue features a column that shares what she learns through her own explorations of the Jewish world which are archived below. If you are not already receiving the weekly “Jewish Explorations” newsletter and would like to, please email, re: JS Newsletter.

4-18-19: Jewish Explorations: In Preparing for Passover, Don’t Dismiss Emotional Labor  

4-11-19: Jewish Explorations: Grandparents Are People Too

4-04-19: Jewish Explorations: German-Jewish devastation unfolds in new book on the Scholem Family

3-28-19: Jewish Explorations: Will Jewish memory fail, once all Great Jewish Books are online?

3-21-19: Jewish Explorations: Talking About Sayed Kashua, Arab-Israeli Writer

3-14-19: Jewish Explorations: Preserving The Past. At What Cost?

3-07-19: Jewish Explorations: Will Jewish Museums Replace America's Synagogues?

2-21-19: Jewish Explorations: "Yiddish Glory," an Awkward Fit at the 2019 Grammys

2-14-19: Jewish Explorations: Redefining Death and Jewish Views of Organ Donation

2-06-19: Jewish Explorations: A Strange Sort of Reunion

1-30-19: Jewish Explorations: The Secret to Midge Maisel’s Marvelousness? She DGAF!

1-23-19: Jewish Explorations: A Synagogue on Wheels

1-16-19: Jewish Explorations: More Local Talent Teaching at Siegal this Spring

1-09-19: Jewish Explorations: Local Talent Teaching at Siegal this Spring

12-19-18: Jewish Explorations: What Are "Jewish Studies" About Anyway?

12-12-18: Jewish Explorations: A Bumpy Definition Of Academic Freedom

12-05-18: Jewish Explorations: In Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Jews gather to pray in Presbyterian Church

11-28-18: Jewish Explorations: Potato Latkes and a Goat: A Hanukah Story

11-14-18: Jewish Explorations: Unusual Burial and Unveiling for Synagogue Congregation

11-07-18: Jewish Explorations: We Have To Make Pragmatic Decisions In The Wake Of Pittsburgh

10-31-18: Jewish Explorations: Parenting My Teen in the Midst of Ohio’s Drug-Addiction Crisis

10-24-18: Jewish Explorations: Professor Anthony Wexler Weighs In On Philip Roth’s Life & Legacy

10-17-18: Jewish Explorations: What You Might Discover Using A Genealogy Home-Test Kit

10-10-18: Jewish Explorations: Loss, Love and Life in Stills

10-03-18: Jewish Explorations: The Inspirational Legacy of Alvin Siegal

9-26-18: Jewish Explorations: Keeping Up with Jewish News

9-12-18: Jewish Explorations: Downsizing and "Stuff"

9-05-18: Jewish Explorations: Thinking About the Tashlich Ritual

8-29-18: Jewish Explorations: Israel Then and Now

8-22-18: Jewish Explorations: Kick Off A New Season of Lifelong Learning

8-15-18: Jewish Explorations: New Column & New Course