Student Spotlight

Rebecca Manning

MPH/MS Student in Nutrition and Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Portrait of Rebecca Manning wearing a white sweater in front of a gray background.

"Growing up, I saw an abundance of preventable disease states like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cirrhosis. As a first generation college student, I wanted to bring the knowledge and experience of higher education back to my communities. I understood at a very young age that the translation and communication of health information was vital to disease self-management and improving health outcomes as I witnessed many within my community struggle with understanding their complicated medication regimes and diagnoses. Well balanced nutrition is foundational to good health. Through the pursuit of my MS in Nutrition, I saw an opportunity to help educate those closest to me and shape a more widespread change in my future career efforts.

As a full-time essential staff member at Environmental Health & Safety and part-time student, I've had a unique Case experience. Many non-traditional students learn how to navigate the campus environment from both a staff and student perspective. I would recommend students who are interested in pursuing graduate school to research open positions at the university. It's a great opportunity to leverage university support!"

Fabiana Irigoyen

Nutrition Major and DPD Student

Photo of Fabiana Irigoyen playing with a black dog in the snow.

"The Department of Nutrition may seem small at first glance however it has every component that a student needs to have an incredible experience, from enjoyable cooking classes to food science and applied clinical nutrition.  Being a DPD student has given me meaningful insight of areas such as medical anthropology, communication strategies, and clinical nutrition. This path provides a holistic view that is useful for any nutrition major. After graduation, I have in mind to follow either the clinical nutrition path or the culinary path, I would like to open an international cuisine restaurant. I find my major so fascinating because I can apply what I am learning in class to my daily life food experiences."