Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid Mass Spectrometer 

Eclipse Mass Spectrometer


An instrument designed with your most difficult analytical challenges in mind, the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Eclipse mass spectrometer incorporates the latest inventions in ion transmission and control, extended m/z range, and real-time decision making to expand the breadth of your work and push your science beyond today's discovery. This system is ideally suited for proteomics, structural biology, small-molecule, and biopharmaceutical characterization experiments.


Orbitrap Exploris 480

The Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer combines technology refined over 20 years with advanced capabilities, intelligence-driven approaches, day-to-day reliability, and a compact footprint. Now scientists can more easily and extensively deploy MS for rigorous, high-throughput, high-sensitivity protein identification, quantitation, and structural characterization.

Exploris 480 Mass Spectrometer













Triple Quadrapole Mass Spectrometer

The TSQ Quantum Ultra EMR™ offers higher resolution, higher resolution precursor selection, and an Extended Mass Range of up to 3000 daltons. This extended mass range capability allows high-resolution analysis of a whole new

TSQ Quantum
ThermoFisher Scientific

class of biopolymers including peptides, polysaccharides, intact proteins, and oligo nucleotides. It combines the benefits of the TSQ Quantum Ultra, including constant neutral loss scanning, parent scanning, high-resolution precursor ion selectivity, SRM and H-SRM to deliver a complete solution for the proteomics and large molecule research community.









Q Exactive Plus

  • HRAM and full-scan capabilities capture all sample data, all the time, enabling retrospective data analysis without need to re-run samples
  • Resolving power up to 140,000 FWHM eliminates isobaric interferences, increasing confidence in results when analyzing samples in complex matrices
  • Better than 1ppm mass accuracy in full-scan and all-ion fragmentation (AIF) modes ensures confident compound
    Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer
  • Fast scanning at 12hz and spectral multiplexing suited to UHPLC applications
  • Rapid polarity switching maximizes information obtained
  • AIF and multiple dissociation techniques—in-source CID and HCD—aid in compound identification
  • Extended mass range to 6,000m/z enhances detection of singly charged small molecules and biomolecules
  • More than four orders of magnitude intrascan dynamic range, along with femtogram-level sensitivity, allow detection of trace-level and high-abundance compounds in the same scan