Certificate vs. Professional Development Programs

The Department of Nutrition offers a variety of educational options for students ranging from traditional degree programs to non-credit professional development programs.  For individuals interested in continuing their education in maternal and child nutrition, two options are available: the Maternal and Child Nutrition Certificate and the Maternal and Nutrition Education (MINE) Online continuing education program.  While these programs may sound similar, they differ greatly in many ways, including but not limited to education modality, time commitment, and cost.  The table below shows the differences between the two programs side by side.  If you would like more information about either program, please email nutrition@case.edu.

Maternal and Child Nutrition Certificate

This transcriptable certificate requires 15 credits of coursework, which can be counted toward an MS degree in nutrition, and a cumulative GPA of 3.0.  No transfer courses or work experience may be accepted in lieu of credit courses.  Students completing the Maternal and Child Nutrition Certificate are required to NTRN 435-Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation, NTRN 436-Pediatric Nutrition, and 3 elective courses chosen from a list of approved courses that can be viewed here.

While some coursework for this program is offered online, it is not possible to complete the certificate fully remotely at this time.  Students should expect to spend a minimum of 2 semesters to complete this certificate due to the course offering schedule.

Maternal and Infant Nutrition Education (MINE) Online

MINE Online is a self-paced introduction to nutrition during pregnancy, lactation, and infancy.  It includes approximately 6.75 hours of evidence-based content, all designed and delivered by expert registered dietitians in these fields. This course covers the foundational concepts of maternal and infant nutrition, what to expect in an uncomplicated pregnancy and typical infant development, and assessments and interventions for some of the most common nutritional problems.  MINE Online was developed with many healthcare professionals in mind, including physicians, registered dietitians, nurses, and any other healthcare professionals working with pregnant or lactating women, or infants.  After completing this program, you will be prepared to pursue education and training in these more in-depth areas.

Program Comparison Table

  Maternal and Child Nutrition Certificate Maternal and Infant Nutrition Education (MINE) Online
Transcriptable yes no
Can be completed fully online no yes
Credit hours required 15 N/A
Credits can be applied to a master's degree program yes N/A-there are no University credits associated with MINE Online
Cost $32,730 (based on 2023-24 tuition rates) $400*
*discounted to $350 with early registration
CPE available for RDNs no yes
CME available for physicians, nurses, and physician assistants no yes
Time required to complete minimum 2 semesters 6.75 hours (average)