Annual Pharmacology Retreat

Annual Retreat

October 26-30, 2020 via Zoom. 


Retreat 22': October 27, 2022

Students discussing Poster Presentation at the Pharm 22 Retreat











2022 Award Winners:

Nathan S. Greenfield Family Travel Award:  NaShea Kendrick

Students of the Year:  Kimberly Parker

Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar:  Xu Han, Ph.D.

Best Mini Presentations:  Yuli Buckley, Rakesh Maharjan, Ramkumar Srinivasagan, Alexander Day, Briana Bauer, Jaqueline, Plau

Best Full Oral Presentation:  Sarah Kohrt and Jean Moon

Excellence in Research:  Joseph T. Ortega, Ph.D.

Retreat 20': October 26-30, 2020

**The 2020 Department of Pharmacology Annual Retreat was modified to a remote format to maintain the safety of all participants due to COVID 19.  



2020 Award Winners:  


Nathan S. Greenfield Family Travel Award:  Elizabeth Knauss

Students of the Year:  Xu Han & Tawna Mangosh 

Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar:  Chris E. Morgan, Ph.D.

Best Mini Presentations:  Adina Brett-Morris, Sepalika Bandara, Katrina Piemonte, Jennings Luu

Best Full Oral Presentation:  Sarah Kohrt 

Closest to the Time Limit:  Joseph T. Ortega (4.57 min for Mini)  & Christine Lee-Poturalski (9.55 min for Full) 

Excellence in Research:  Wei Huang, Ph.D. 


Presentation and Format Information:

Each year students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff gather together for two days of presentations by students and postdocs—both talks and posters. The two-day retreat provides you with the opportunity to showcase your research and learn about scientific endeavors and accomplishments within the department. You will also have the chance to initiate collaborations and get to know your colleagues better.

  1. Two guest speakers are invited: a nominal scientist in the field of pharmacology as a keynote speaker to present his research accomplishments; and
  2. a senior faculty associated with the Department of Pharmacology to present a story of his research career.  

The first day evening is used to socialize through fun team-based games.

  • All Pharmacology graduate students (with the exception of first-year students) and postdoctoral fellows are required to submit abstracts as part of their training experience.  
  • Abstracts will be assigned to either an oral or poster presentation session at the discretion of the retreat organizers.
  • Other individuals that desire to submit an abstract for consideration are encouraged to do so, however preference will be given to Pharmacology students and postdocs for oral presentations.
  • Allocated time for the oral presentation is 10-12 min with 3-5 min for discussion. 
  • There are two poster sessions, one on each day.