Sternlicht Family Memorial Lectureship in Cancer Biology and Pharmacology 

This year's Sternlicht Lecture will feature Dr. Kunle Odunsi from the UChicago Comprehensive Cancer Center. It will be held in The Robbins Building (R301 Lecture Hall) at 3PM on April 2nd, 2024

This annual lectureship was originally established as a mechanism to honor the memory of Robert Sternlicht, late son of Himan and Mona Sternlicht, by helping to promote scientific interactions and dissemination of knowledge in cancer biology and pharmacology. In 2008 Himan Sternlicht, Ph.D. similarly passed away due to complications arising from cancer. Mona Sternlicht also passed away a year later. Both Himan and Mona were long-term members of the Department of Pharmacology, and the lectureship now honors all three members of the family.

This year, we will have Dr. Kunle Odunsi from the UChicago Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr Odunsi’s research activities in tumor immunology and immunotherapy have focused upon the mechanisms of immune recognition in human ovarian cancer and preclinical and clinical development of tumor antigen targeted therapies.  His studies include understanding mechanisms of metabolic regulation of anti-tumor immunity and strategies to overcome tumor immune response. We encourage you to attend.

Details: R301 Academic Lecture Hall (Robbins Building) at 3PM on April 2nd, 2024