Frontiers in the Biological Sciences Lecture Series

This year's lecture will be delivered by Dr. Barry S. Coller from The Rockefeller University in Biomedical Research Building Auditorium (BRB 105) on May 24th at 3pm-4pm.

This long-standing lecture series brings at least eight distinguished scientists to the medical school campus each year. The Pharmacology Department hosts one speaker each year.

This year, the Pharmacology Department has invited Barry S. Coller MD from The Rockefeller University's Genetics and Genome Sciences Department. At Rockefeller, Dr. Coller is the Physician in Chief, the Vice President for Medical Affairs, and distinguished David Rockefeller Professor.

Dr. Barry Coller, renowned for his groundbreaking work on platelet aggregation, identified the platelet αIIbβ3 receptor as a crucial target for antithrombotic therapy. Through his research, he developed monoclonal antibodies targeting this receptor, leading to the creation of the drug abciximab in 1994. Abciximab has since been instrumental in preventing ischemic complications during percutaneous coronary interventions. With a focus on platelet physiology, Coller's current research delves into Glanzmann thrombasthenia, a genetic disorder causing abnormal platelet function, and explores genetic variations in the αIIbβ3 receptor genes among the general population using next-generation sequencing.

The lecture will be held in Biomedical Research Building Auditorium (BRB 105) on May 24th at 3pm-4pm. We look forward to your attendance!



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