Journal Club


J-Club is held on Wednesday from 3-4pm.

password: 10900


The following is a schedule for the 2020-21 academic year:  

8.27.20: Paul MacDonald "Preparing for Journal Club" 

9.3.20:  Corey Emerson - Stewart lab "Structural Characterization of C4b mediated neutralization of Adenovirus" 

9.10.20: Meinan Lyu - Yu lab "Structural basis of transport and inhibition of the Plasmodium falciparum transporter PfFNT"

9.17.20: Ramkumar Srinivasagan - von Lintig lab "Regulation of Vitamin A homeostasis at the intestinal barrier" 

9.24.20: Adina Brett-Morris - Mears lab "The effect of CDK5 on Mitochondrial Function in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)"

10.1.20: Jackie Plau- PHRM 511. Enzyme Replacement Therapy Can Reverse Pathogenic Cascade in Pompe Disease

10.8.20: Alexander Day - PHRM 511. HPV E2, E4, E5 drive alternative carcinogenic pathways in HPV positive cancers

10.15.20: Yuli Buckley - PHRM 511. Tau pathology reduction with SM07883, a novel, potent, and selective oral DYRK1A inhibitor: A potential therapeutic for Alzheimer's Disease

10.22.20: Bryan Webb - Keri lab.  " "TGFB family signaling drives CDK7 inhibitor resistance in triple negative breast cancer."

10.29.20: RETREAT, no journal club

11.5.20: RCR session: MacDonald 

11.12.20: Xinran Geng - PHRM 511. Senolytic CAR T cells reverse senescence-associated pathologies

11.19.20: Shelby Dahlen - PHRM 511. Local microvascular leakage promotes trafficking of activated neutrophilis to remote organs

11.26.20: Thanksgiving, no journal club 

12.3.20:  Leslie Cuellar - Keri lab 

12.10.20: Jastrzebska lab