Seminar Series

The Department of Pharmacology Seminar Series is held on Tuesdays at 12pm and is open to all.  
The schedule for the 2020-21 is as follows: 


9.29.20:  Dr. Blanton Tolbert, Professor of Chemistry, CWRU:  "Structural Biophysics of RNA Interactions that Contribute to Viral Pathogenesis"

Zoom meeting ID: 932 842 6543

password: 711231


10.6.20:  Dr. Janet Sparrow, Professor of Opthalmic Science, Columbia University: "Shedding Light on Vitamin A aldehyde-adducts"

Zoom meeting ID: 999 3325 7547

password: 761573


10.13.20:  Dr. James Luyendyk: Michigan University,   "Mechanisms linking to hemostatic system to liver injury and repair"

Zoom meeting ID: 931 89033 7095

password: 706639


10.20.20:  Dr. Sruti Shiva: University of Pittsburgh,  "Platelet Mitochondria: from marker to mechanism of disease"

Zoom meeting ID: 952 2598 7136

password: 215887


11.3.20:  Dr. Michael Bruchas:  University of Washington, "Dissecting Neuromodulatory Circuits and GPCR Signaling in Affective Behavior"

Zoom meeting ID:  948 3167 1176

password: 220934


11.10.20: Dr. Mike Henne:  UT Southwestern, "Mechanisms of spacial in organization in lipid metabolism"

Zoom meeting ID: 993 1818 0516

password: 561365


11.17.20: Dr. Hannelore Hemmers: CCF Lerner's Research Institute, "A novel determinant of prostate cancer growth"

Zoom meeting ID: 912 7877 1463 

password: 951548


12.1.20:  Dr. Chi-Min Ho:  Columbia University, “Determining Structures of Endogenous Protein Complexes
from Malaria Parasites using CryoEM”

Zoom meeting ID:  931 2348 3670

password:  360967


12.8.20:  Dr. Abhishek Chakraborty: Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Lerner Institute, “Dioxygenase Dysfunction Presents Therapeutically Targetable Vulnerabilities in Cancer”

Zoom meeting ID: 997 6511 7456


12.15.20:  Dr. Xinghong Dai:  Case Western Reserve University, Department of Physiology and Biophysics. " The kinetics of Hepatitis B virus capsid assembly and its modulation by anti-HBV CpAM molecules"

Zoom meeting ID: 912 7753 6253


1.12.21:  Dr. Mukesh Jain: University Hospitals, Department of Medicine.  "KLF control of aging and age-related disorders"

Zoom meeting ID: 947 1512 2120

password: 426929


1.19.21:  Dr. Trine Jorgensen:  Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  " Sex-bias in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: hormones and interferons"

Zoom meeting ID: 974 4397 8688

password: 528208


1.26.21:  Dr. Heather Broihier:  Case Western Reserve University, Neuroscience. " Innate immune signaling sculpts neuron-glia interactions across lifespan" 

Zoom meeting ID: 972 6262 2403

password: 983716


2.2.21:  Dr. Greg Bowman:  Washington University, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics. “SARS-CoV-2 Simulations Go Exascale to Predict Dramatic Spike Opening and Cryptic Pockets Across the Proteome”

Zoom meeting ID: 971 1186 7904

password: 788539


2.9.21: Dr. Ina Nemet: Cleveland Clinic, Department of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Sciences. "Gut-microbial fermentation of phenylalanine and cardiovascular disease risk"

Meeting ID: 985 1745 5160

passcode: 421681


2.16.21:  Dr. Lorraine Gudas:  Chairman, Department of Pharmacology - Cornell University. "Retinoic Acid Receptor Selective Agonists for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer and Diabetes" 

Meeting ID: 950 4704 1267

passcode: 823222


2.23.21:  Dr. Justin Lathia: Vice Chair, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation. "Targeting Immune Suppression in the glioblastoma microenvironment". 

Meeting ID: 952 6866 4232

passcode: 706644


3.02.21:  Dr. Eva Corey: Research Professor, Department of Urology, University of Washington. "Changing Landscape of
Advanced Prostate Cancer and Preclinical Testing”

Meeting ID: 993 7152 5564

passcode: 718094


3.9.21:  Dr. Ofer Reizes:  Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.  “Bugs as Drugs in Treatment of Gynecologic Cancer”

Meeting ID: 995 4747 1797

passcode: 248916


3.16.21:  Dr. Patricia R. Taylor:  University Hospitals, Department of Ophthalmology. "The role of IL-17A in the onset and progression of diabetic"

Meeting ID: 941-6672-4169

passcode: 266281


3.23.21: Dr. Patrick Osei-Owusu: CWRU, Department of Physiology and Biophysics.  " Fine-tuning G protein Signaling in the Cardiovascular System: Do RGS Proteins Coordinate their Regulatory Roles"  

Meeting ID:  966 5363 8015

passcode:  938401


3.31.21: Dr. Gina Sizemore: Department of Radiation Oncology, Ohio State University. "Mesenchymal PDGFRβ Signaling in Promoting breast cancer metastasis to the brain – insights gained from advanced mouse modeling”

Meeting ID: 939 9069 1808

passcode:  900323




4.13.21: Dr. Kirill Martemyanov: Chair, Department of Neuroscience, The Scripps Research Institute. "Molecular organization of the photoreceptor". 

Meeting ID:  945 5660 9934

passcode:  842406


4.20.21:  Dr. Jens Schmidt: Michigan State University. "Quantitative Analysis of Telomerase Function in Human Cells".

Meeting ID: 996 5016 7884

passcode: 690258


4.27.21:  Dr. Jens Rister: University of Massachusetts. "Vitamin A deprivation induces a novel transmembrane protein that stabilizes damaged photoreceptors". 

Meeting ID: 941 6909 6837

passcode: 953982


5.04.21:  Dr. Chris Peterson: University of Massachusetts.  "Chromatin dynamics: Transcriptional homeostasis and genomic stability". 

Meeting ID: 984 1561 4965
passcode: 117563


5.18.21: Dr. Jaume Amengual: University of Illinois. " The role of beta-carotene on atherosclerosis development and resolution". 

Meeting ID: 915 8916 5721

passcode: 078584