Seminar Series

The Department of Pharmacology Seminar Series is held on Tuesdays at 12pm and is open to all.  
The schedule for the 2020-21 is as follows: 


9.29.20:  Dr. Blanton Tolbert, Professor of Chemistry, CWRU:  "Structural Biophysics of RNA Interactions that Contribute to Viral Pathogenesis"

Zoom meeting ID: 932 842 6543

password: 711231


10.6.20:  Dr. Janet Sparrow, Professor of Opthalmic Science, Columbia University: "Shedding Light on Vitamin A aldehyde-adducts"

Zoom meeting ID: 999 3325 7547

password: 761573


10.13.20:  Dr. James Luyendyk: Michigan University,   "Mechanisms linking to hemostatic system to liver injury and repair"

Zoom meeting ID: 931 89033 7095

password: 706639


10.20.20:  Dr. Sruti Shiva: University of Pittsburgh,  "Platelet Mitochondria: from marker to mechanism of disease"

Zoom meeting ID: 952 2598 7136

password: 215887


11.3.20:  Dr. Michael Bruchas:  University of Washington, "Dissecting Neuromodulatory Circuits and GPCR Signaling in Affective Behavior"

Zoom meeting ID:  948 3167 1176

password: 220934


11.10.20: Dr. Mike Henne:  UT Southwestern 

12.1.20:  Dr. Chi-Min Ho:  Columbia University  

12.8.20:  Dr. Chakraborty Abhishek: Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Lerner Institute