Complete math placement, if applicable

Access and complete the math placement via your Roadmap by Wednesday, May 31. If the math placement does not appear in your portal, you do not need to complete the exam. 

If your intended major(s) require calculus, your score will be used to help place you into the most appropriate math course during your first semester at Case Western Reserve University. If your intended major does not require calculus, you are still required to complete the math placement, but do not need to register for a calculus course in the fall. 

 Here is some additional information about the math placement at CWRU:

  • Credit earned through AP or IB exams and/or college-level coursework will be used for your math course placement in place of your math placement score.
  • If you had testing accommodations in the past or require additional time to complete the placement, contact Disability Resources at [using subject: Math Placement] as soon as possible. You will be notified via email if your testing accommodations can be met.
  • If you would benefit from additional math preparation through self-study, the Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics recommends as an optional, fee-based service. This is not required or expected.
  • Important: This exam must be completed without the aid of additional resources. The use of notes, calculators, or any other resource is not permitted. We need an accurate representation of your skills in order to best place you in the best course for your success.
  • If you plan to complete a college-level precalculus or calculus course at another college or university this summer, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies ( or 216.368.2928) to verify whether or not a course is equivalent to a math course at CWRU.

You will receive more information about course registration and other academic information later in the summer during your advisor meeting.