Missing class because you’re sick? Here’s what to do

First and foremost, get the care you need. You can make an appointment with University Health and Counseling Services via myhealthconnect.case.edu or access CWRU Care, the 24/7 telehealth care service. In instances where you are concerned that you may have COVID-19, you should immediately follow the most up-to-date practices and protocols from the university.

Many common illnesses, such as colds (upper respiratory infections), influenza, and gastroenteritis (“stomach flu”), may be managed at home or in your residence hall and do not require a visit to a healthcare provider. Students with mild symptoms may report their illness through myhealthconnect.case.edu. This report will be reviewed by a nurse within one business day, and students will receive a secure message that provides them with information about managing their illness, guidance about when to return to class, and a letter verifying that they reported an illness to University Health and Counseling Services. The verification letter may be shared with faculty, advisors and others as needed to document the illness.

If you’re going to miss class, you should first work directly with your faculty and instructors to inform them about your situation and make appropriate arrangements directly with them about your work and assignments. 

Some faculty may request verification of your absence for medical reasons from your four-year advisor. If needed, you can email your four-year advisor with your specific request, along with supporting medical documentation of your illness. After review, they will reach out to your faculty to notify them of your verified absence.  Please note that this process is for short-term (1-2 class sessions) illness-related absences, and that supporting documentation from a provider is necessary. In addition, the ultimate decision of whether an absence is excused or unexcused is up to your instructors.

For more information on this and other types of absences, consult the university class attendance policy found in the General Bulletin.