Success Tip—Put your syllabi information in your calendar

One of the keys to success as a college student is to have a calendar to keep yourself organized, track assignments and exams or just to remember that coffee date you planned with a friend. 

We recommend that you figure out a system that works best for you. Google calendar is a great tool and already built into your email system. We also know some of you prefer to have a physical planner and color code your days. However you approach it, one of the best things you can do as you wrap up your first week at CWRU is to go through your syllabi and add it to your calendar.

  • Start with assignments. Make sure you’ve noted due dates on your calendar.
  • Now for exams. When are your major exams? Midterms? Finals?
  • Once you have dates in your calendar, think about your study plan. Are there a lot of exams during a particular time frame? Do you have a major paper due in one class while midterms are happening in another? 
  • Pay attention to any changes. Things happen and sometimes faculty may change a deadline, so be sure you’re listening in class and updating your calendar as needed.

This is a practice our orientation leaders use as well. Orientation leader, Andi ‘24, shared this advice: “Check the syllabus in your classes to see when they are, and mark them in your calendar. Give yourself ample time to prepare for each so you're not cramming the night before. Go to SI [Supplemental Instruction] sessions, office hours, and any other tutoring resource if you can to give yourself the best shot at success.”