Understanding your finals week schedule

While it may not seem like it, final exams are just around the corner. Not to fret though! This article will help you take the first step in preparing for your final exams by understanding when and where they are.

Your final exam schedule
Final exams officially begin on Tuesday, Dec. 12 and end on Wednesday, Dec. 20, with final grades due by 11 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 22. Reading days, or days with no finals set aside for students to study, will be Monday, Dec. 11 and Friday, Dec. 15.

To understand what your final exam schedule looks like, go to the Student Information System (SIS). Once you have logged in with your CWRU credentials, go to “Student Home” > “Academics” > “Exam Schedule.” Once here, you should be able to see your final exam schedule in either List View or Weekly Calendar View.

Along with the date and time, there should also be a room listed for the location. If something seems off (e.g. if there are two exams listed when you have five classes), don’t panic! First, make sure that you have the correct semester, Fall 2023, selected. Second, remember that not every class will have a final exam.

Other important things to know
Beyond the specific dates, there are a few other important things to remember when it comes to final exams and the end of the semester.

Final exams during the final examination period are assigned a day and time by the University Registrar and adhere to strict scheduling policies. Students are not expected to take more than two final exams in one calendar day (not 24-hour period). While the University Registrar does its best to schedule final exams so as to minimize these instances, they do still happen. If you are a student with three or more exams scheduled on the same day, the Dean of Undergraduate Advising has already contacted you to discuss rescheduling; you can contact your four-year advisor if you have questions about this.

Review the course withdrawal and pass/no pass deadlines and policies. There are many reasons why you might choose to use these options, but you should consult with your course instructors, faculty advisor(s) and your four-year advisor before making any decisions.

If you have any questions at all, don’t be afraid to check in with your professors. Sometimes instead of a final exam, professors may hold an exam on the last day of class that just covers the second half of course material. Or, they may assign a final project or paper with a due date of the last day of class or the day of their allotted exam time. In other words, you may have classes where you do not need to show up during the time listed on SIS. It is also important to check in with your instructor regarding the exam location as it could have changed. 

More information
For more information about final exams, visit the University Registrar’s page about the fall 2023 final exam schedule, or contact your professors or four-year advisor for support.