Transfer and Exchange: Complete your housing application

CWRU has a two-year residency requirement. If you have attended another college or university for one year, you will be assigned to second-year housing. Second-year students must live on campus unless they are commuting from the permanent home of their parents, within 40 miles of campus. Upperclass students are eligible, but not required, to live on campus.

On your Roadmap, you will need to have your uploaded photo ID approved before you can complete the housing application. On your application, you can preference a specific building or roommate. Assignments are completed on a rolling basis throughout the summer and assignment information is sent via email.

Overview of the housing application :

Housing application: This is the official application that indicates that you will be living on campus. On this application, you will choose your meal plan option, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall Agreement.

Vaccination status statement: Ohio Revised Code section 1713.55 requires that every student submit a statement on his/her vaccination status for meningitis and hepatitis B before they can live on campus. The form must be submitted online before you can continue working on the housing application.

Lifestyle characteristics: This list of four questions about your lifestyle will help you find a roommate and choose a room with someone who closely matches your lifestyle characteristics.

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH): GIH is a housing option that will allow students to live with other students in a non-binary housing option. This option is for students who are transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, or who are exploring their gender identity. For more information, please visit our website regarding Gender Inclusive Housing.

Room Type Preference:  You can indicate your room type or building preference.  Preferences will be taken into consideration when completing your housing assignment. 

Medical Accommodations: If you have a medical condition that you feel requires a specific medical accommodation, please contact Disability Resources to discuss what medical documentation you are required to provide to their office. Disability Resources informs our office of all approved medical accommodations and we will note all student needs in our database. If a student is given an accommodation for a single room, we will assign the student before room selections open to the general population. For more information, please visit our website about Medical Accommodations.

Plan to Commute From Home?
On MyHousing, complete the Housing Release Request form, found under the Special Housing Request link.  We will notify you via email once we verify your ability to commute. 

CWRU does not require upperclass students (attended another college or university for at least two years) to live on campus.  CWRU has a limited number of upperclass housing rooms available  If you are interested in living on campus, please contact Housing (; 216-368-3780) to discuss your options.  We are currently utilizing a waiting list for spaces.