Prepare for midterms with tips from current students

Exams are underway and it’s almost the middle of fall semester. As you continue to study or are preparing for midterms, here are some tips from a few orientation leaders.

  • “As difficult as it is, try getting ahead and studying early so that things don't pile up until the last minute. Also, make sure to sleep and eat enough so that you can crush your exams!” - Isabel ‘25
  • “The most important thing about midterms is to manage time effectively. Not only is it important to not procrastinate on studying, it is also important to make sure not to overstress on studying. By having established study times and break times, it will provide effective learning as well as a reduction in stress. In addition, it is important to create study groups and go to the SI sessions at this time. This allows for further review and collaboration on unfamiliar topics.” - Ethan ‘26
  • “Plan your studying. Gradually introduce new information so that you aren't overwhelmed the night before.” - Nitya ‘25
  • “Sleep. That's it. Get enough sleep. No matter how much you think staying up until 3 am will help you do better on your exams, it won't matter if you're too exhausted to think the next morning.” - Cristiana ‘26