Are you ready to declare your major?

As of Nov. 1, you are now able to formally declare your major(s) or minor(s). What does this mean for you?

Major declaration is the exciting time when you officially declare your academic path for your undergraduate career. That being said, do not feel pressured to declare a major now—you have until the end of your first year to decide. Don’t worry about changing your mind—as you take more classes and explore opportunities on campus, you will have the option to change your major, declare additional majors or add minors. You need to declare a major before adding any minors or secondary majors.

In the meantime, be sure to do plenty of research on the courses, faculty, programs and requirements of the many majors and minors offered at CWRU.

Here are three key pieces of advice:

  • Once you have your interests narrowed down, contact that department or program and ask for more information directly from the source. Department administrators and coordinators can connect you with faculty members that have similar interests.
  • Connect with your peers that are in the programs that interest you. Listen to their experience with the department, faculty and coursework.
  • Speak with your four-year advisor and pre-major advisor to develop a plan that will allow you to continue exploring your interests and clarifying your plans.

When you are ready to declare your major, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Undergraduate Advising Support website to obtain and complete a Major Declaration Form. A separate form must be completed for each major or minor you declare.  
  2. Send your completed form to the academic representative of your intended major for their signature and assignment of a major advisor.
  3. Forward the signed form to for processing. You should see your major updated in SIS in approximately 3 business days (note it can sometimes take a few extra days during busy times of year).

When you declare, you will be assigned a major advisor from the department, who will be your go-to person for advice as you work to complete degree requirements. They will also be the person to release your registration advising hold each semester so that you can register for courses once your enrollment appointment opens. Your pre-major advisor will automatically change in SIS to a “Designated Advisor”—this means they still have access to your record in SIS and can continue to serve as a faculty mentor to you; however, they will no longer be able to release your registration advising hold. You can add or remove Designated Advisors as you wish.

Please note: Keep the timing of declaring your major in mind with regard to course registration! If your advising hold is not released prior to major declaration, only your new advisor will be able to lift the hold.