April 23, 2008

President Snyder creates cabinet-level diversity position, committee seeks input on candidates

To the Case Western Reserve University Community:

Barbara Snyder

As many of you recognize, creating a more diverse, welcoming and inclusive environment is essential to our future. A critical element of our success involves recruiting, developing and retaining individuals who offer a broad range of perspectives and experiences. Having a community that fully reflects society furthers our missions of education, inquiry, and discovery.

To ensure we fully realize our goals, I have created a new, Cabinet-level position that reports directly to me: the Vice President of Inclusion, Equal Opportunity, and Diversity. I seek an individual passionately devoted to these issues who has the knowledge, integrity and skills necessary to advance them on our campus.

The new Vice President will evaluate the university's existing programs and work with constituents to develop and advocate for a more dynamic and coherent approach to addressing campus needs. This individual will serve primarily as a champion and advocate; existing reporting lines for such offices as multicultural affairs and the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women will remain the same.

Rhonda Williams, Associate Professor of History and Co-Chair of the President's Advisory Council on Minorities, has agreed to chair this search. I am grateful for her knowledge and commitment to these issues and her leadership in this process. I list the full search committee below; all are dedicated to this effort and I deeply appreciate their engagement.

First, however, I would like to encourage you to attend one of the two open forums the group will host next week. They are:

  • Tuesday, April 29th, 2:30-3:30pm in the Toepfer Room on the second floor of Adelbert Hall
  • Wednesday, April 30th, 12:00-1:00pm in Ford Auditorium

In addition, if you would like to correspond with the committee with comments or potential nominations, please email

The committee members are:

  • Diana Bilimoria, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Co-Investigator, ACES
  • Janice Eatman-Williams, assistant director, Center for Civic Engagement and Learning
  • Don Feke, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Vice Provost
  • Jerry Floersch, Associate Professor, MSASS
  • Carolyn Gregory, Vice President of Human Resources
  • Ali Hasanali, USG Vice President of Student Life
  • Sharona Hoffman, Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Co-Director of the Law-Medicine Center
  • Beth McGee, associate professor of theater and dance and Faculty Diversity Officer
  • Erica Merritt, Manager of Diversity Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity
  • Dorothy Miller, Director, Flora Stone Mather Center for Women


Barbara R. Snyder