Police and Security


Need immediate assistance? Call 216.368.3333 now.

Not an emergency, but need help? Call 216.368.3300.

Ensuring Safety Across Campus

Police and Security provides support to the Case Western Reserve University community, from responding to emergencies to traffic control, patrolling to event security.

With more than 30 police officers, over 10 mobile security officers and more than 40 facility security officers, we work to ensure the safety of our entire campus—indoors and out. Our trained officers have real-world experience that they use every day on the job.

2020 Police Command Staff

2020 Police Department Command Staff

In addition, we work closely with our neighboring police departments—University Circle, Cleveland, East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights—to act quickly and efficiently in case of an emergency.

CWRU & UC Police

But beyond reacting to serious events, our officers promote prevention. After all, a safe campus starts with all of us.

To help ensure the safety of our community, we offer: