Safety on Campus

Prevention is the key to a safe campus. At Case Western Reserve University, we offer a number of important crime-prevention measures, such as:

In addition, the university sends emergency text, voice and email messages through Rave alerts. We also encourage the use of the free Rave Guardian smartphone app to report an emergency and help police and other first responders find you quickly.

Crime-Prevention Tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings as you move around campus. That means, for example, removing your headphones while walking or jogging and noticing people approaching you.

  • Limit how much you talk or text on your cellphone while walking or riding public transportation.

  • When moving around campus at night, walk with friends or use one of the transport options (shuttle bus, Safe Ride, walking escort, etc.).

  • If you leave your office or room for any length of time, lock the door. Do not leave valuables such as purses, wallets laptops or cell phones unattended.

  • Consider using a steel U-Lock style lock for locking your bike.

  • Keep your junk in your trunk! Don't leave valuable objects visible in your car; secure them in your trunk whenever possible.

  • Always lock your vehicle, close all windows and sunroof.

  • Document serial numbers of your electronics and take photos of your valuables.

  • Give out your personal information as little as possible to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. Never throw credit card statements or other items containing personal information in the trash without shredding first.