Withdrawal Form Information

Term Withdrawal


Complete term withdrawal will result in a "WD" grade on the student's academic record if the request is submitted after the drop/add period of the term. Students may be contacted by a school dean or registrar to verify information before the term withdrawal process can be finalized. Non-attendance does not constitute official notification of a student's withdrawal.

Term withdrawal requests must be submitted no later than the last day of classes. If you have any questions, please contact your four-year advisor (for undergraduates), Graduate Studies (for graduate students) or School Registrar or Student Services Office (for professional students).

The withdrawal process will not be considered complete until the signed withdrawal form is received by the Office of the University Registrar. Withdrawal forms must be received no later than seven days from final approval by the Dean's Office.


During the Summer term, if a student withdraws from a course, a grade of "W" will appear until the status is known for all summer session courses within the summer term. If a student withdraws from all summer session courses, all "W" grades will be changed to "WD" grades. Summer classes should be dropped according to the course withdrawal processes established for your school. For more information, contact registrar@case.edu.


Tuition Refunds


Tuition charges for the semester will be a percentage of the tuition cost based on the number of weeks in session. There will be no refunds given after the fifth week of classes. See the complete Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy and Refund Schedule.


Because the summer term has many different sessions, refunds will be handled on a course by course basis. The summer course refund schedule will be extrapolated based on the number of days that have elapsed compared to the total days for which the course is taught. See the complete Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Policy and Refund Schedule.


Additional Information

International Students

International students must meet with an advisor in the VISA Office (Crawford Hall, Suite 215) before withdrawing. According to federal immigration regulations, students who meet with an international student advisor prior to withdrawing have a 15-day grace period in which to make preparations to depart the U.S. Students who withdraw without notifying an international student advisor have no grace period whatsoever and must immediately leave the country.


Students withdrawing who live on-campus, in a residence hall or Greek house must vacate rooms within 48 hours of last day of class attendance. Questions should be directed to University Housing at 216-368-3780 or housing@case.edu. Students must set up a room-checkout appointment in advance with a residence life or Greek life staff member. Turning in keys to an area office does not constitute a proper checkout. Room charges are prorated through the date of actual checkout when this checkout occurs within the first ten weeks of the fall or spring semesters, per the Residence Hall Agreement.

Meal Plan

It is the student’s responsibility to provide notification and documentation to Dining Services (mealplan@case.edu) of release from a meal plan for any reason. Meal Plan charges are prorated through the date of actual withdrawal/release and do not depend on use. All stored value funds utilized will be billed. A student may request a refund of remaining CaseCash after withdrawal is complete by emailing mealplan@case.edu.

Financial Aid

Federal financial assistance is awarded to a student on the assumption that the student will attend school for the full period for which the funds are awarded. When a student withdraws, he or she may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Federal aid funds that were originally scheduled.

If a recipient of a Federal grant or loan withdraws after beginning attendance, the amount earned by the student is determined by the school. Up through the 60% point in each payment period, a prorata schedule is used to determine the amount of Federal funds earned by the student at the time of the withdrawal. After the 60% point, the student has earned 100% of the Federal funds he or she was scheduled to receive during that term.

Federal financial aid may not cover all unpaid institutional charges due to the school upon the student’s withdrawal, and the student will pay more than if he or she had attended for the full term and received the original allocation of financial aid. For more information, contact University Financial Aid.

Student Medical Plan

If 100 percent of tuition is refunded to you, the charge for the Student Medical Plan will be credited to your account. If you have paid for the Medical Plan coverage, you will receive a refund and coverage will not have been in effect for the withdrawn semester.

If less than 100 percent of tuition is refunded to you, the charge for the Student Medical Plan will remain on your account. You will be responsible for paying the fee for the Plan and coverage will be in effect for the entire withdrawn semester.

If you are withdrawing due to a personal medical condition and are receiving 100 percent tuition refund and would like to continue the medical coverage for the withdrawn semester, contact University Health and Counseling Services for further information. If you have submitted a Medical Plan waiver for the withdrawn semester this information does not apply. 

ID Cards, Keys, and Parking Permits

All University keys and ID cards must be returned to the Office of Access Services upon withdrawal from the University. If you have a parking permit, you may cancel it to receive a refund for the unused time. Your current hangtag (and gate card, if your lot has a gate) must be turned in at Access Services. If you return the permit by the 14th of the month, you will receive a full refund for that month as well as those following it. If you return the permit on or after the 15th, you will not be refunded for the current month, but will receive the balance for the remaining months. 

Tuition Waiver

If you are withdrawing from the University and are receiving a faculty/staff tuition waiver, you must contact Benefits Administration.