Reviewing a Program Action Form for Approval

  1. Go to the Approval Portal
  2. Select the proposal you wish to review so it displays in the Page Review Window


    Screenshot of PAF page review window highlighting the "view changes by" and "hide change" sections.


    • View changes made: The default view will show all changes made to a proposal. If you would like to review changes by a specific user, click the “View Changes by” (1) drop-down menu and select an editor whose changes you wish to review
      • Edits to the PAF will be shown in a red(strikethrough)/green(underlined) markup: red for deleted text, green for new text
    • Hide changes: Selecting ”Hide changes” (2) will allow you to view the document without color-coding or markup
  3. As an approver, you have three main actions during your review: Edit, Rollback, or Approve


    Screenshot showing buttons for edit, rollback and approve.


    • Edit (1)
      • If there are changes that need to be made to the proposal prior to approving it, you can choose to make the edit to the PAF yourself using this option
        1. Click “Edit” which will open up the PAF in another window
        2. Make any changes to available fields in the PAF
        3. Click “Save”
          • Changes will be seen by subsequent approvers during their review
      • Select one of the other actions to move the proposal past your step in workflow
    • Rollback (2)
      • Clicking “Rollback” will send the page back to a previous step in the workflow or to the initiator of the PAF.
      • A prompt will appear to make comments about why the page is being rolled back. Make comments in the space provided and click Rollback in the new window.
      • You may opt to use this feature after editing a proposal if previous approvers should review and approve of changes you made. This will allow them to review and re-approve based off of your edits to the proposal.
    • Approve (3)
      • Clicking “Approve” will move the page to the next step in the workflow.
  4. Additional Actions:
    • Reviewer Comments
      • If you do not have edits to the proposal, but would like to make a comment viewable to subsequent approvers, you can opt to add a Reviewer Comment
        1. Click “Edit”
        2. Scroll to the bottom of the proposal
        3. Enter your comment into the Reviewer Comment textbox
        4. Click “Save Changes”
    • Leave the proposal for another time
      • You can leave the Approval Portal at any time to come back and take further action.