Schubert Center Conversation Series

Photograph of audience members seated in rows, looking ahead at speaker

The Schubert Center Conversation Series connected CWRU faculty, students and staff, visiting researchers, practice and policy experts, and community members whose work impacts children, young people and families.  The goal of the Schubert Center Conversations was to link research, practice, and policy on pressing issues affecting children.

Research and Policy Briefs were often released in conjunction with the Conversation talks.  These brief summaries are still available on our website and provide a snapshot of data on current child-related issues and research and the implications for local, state and national policy and practice. 

Date Conversations Series Events

From Strategies to Solutions – Cleveland’s Evolving Story of Improving Youth & Police Interactions


Whose Country Is This? Undocumented Migrant Children and Youth in the United States after the 2016 Presidential Election

3-7-2017 Making the Slow Transition to Adulthood: Lessons in Experience, Identity and Inequality

Why Are Our Young Children Being Expelled and Suspended in Preschool, and Why Are Some of Our Children At Such Greater Risk? 

4-14-2016 Resilience in Adversity: Promoting Positive Outcomes for Maltreated Children
3-22-2016 Suicide in Children and Adolescents: Challenges and Priorities for Prevention
2-18-2016 Brown Gold: African-American Children’s Literature as a Genre of Resistance
1-12-2016 Innovative Partnerships for Healthy Children & Youth
11-12-2015 Medical Legal Partnership Informing Systemic Advocacy for Child Health
11-5-2015 Exploring the Impact of Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Involvement on Future Youth Outcomes

The Fish Versus the Fisherman: Equipping Youth with the Tools to Thrive

3-27-15 Assessing and Responding to Violence Risk in Juveniles
2-5-2015 A Night of Film and Discussion with Adoption Network Cleveland - A Simple Piece of Paper and An Adoptee ROARed in Ohio: The Betsie Norris Story
11-18-2014 Of Play and Prejudice: The Implications of Racism in Early Childhood
10-23-2014 Youth Violence: The Ultimate Health Disparity
9-26-2013 Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy

Sexual Orientation and Parenting: Research and Policy Issues

2-27-2014 Youth and Violence: Understanding Risk, Response and Recovery
1-23-2014 Enhancing Early Literacy in High Risk Populations: The Partnership of Pediatricians and Public Libraries
11-8-2013 Growing Up and Out of Crime: A Developmental Approach to Juvenile Justice
10-17-2013 Children of Incarcerated Parents: The Role of Pediatricians and the Community
1-24-2013 Lessons from the Playing Field: The Impact and Scope of Childhood Sports Injuries