Funded Projects

To encourage innovation and scholarship, the Social Justice Institute has established a Social Justice Research Fellowship Program that, through competitive grants, funds faculty and student research that advances social justice work, from humanistic inquiry to action research.

Previous grants have supported proposals that focus on issues that are both local and global. From youth development to elderly care; from political systems to individual recovery efforts, these projects have represented the same diversity as their recipients. The Social Justice Institute is proud to support faculty, graduate and undergraduate research over the years. 

Faculty Research Grants

2019-2020 Recipients


Center for Engineering Action Leadership Team


Center for Engineering Action Symposium on Responsible Community Partnerships

Andrew Rollins, Kurt Rhoads, Umut Gurkan, and Lynn Rollins

Center for Engineering Action (CEngA) Leadership Team


Shai White


Race, Food and Justice 2020: Analyzing the Urban Food Movement through a Social Justice Lens

Shaii White

Application Coordinator, Graduate Admissions, Weatherhead School of Management



Sing my Brother, Sing! Say what’s on your mind; Do it with a rhyme! with Dr. David L. Moody

Loretta Laffitte-Griffin

Coordinator, CWRU Cashier's Office

2018-2019 Recipient

Photo of Dr. Marsha Michie professor at Case Western Reserve University


Clinician Perspectives on Racial Disparities in Infant Mortality

Marsha Michie

Assistant Professor of Bioethics 

Project collaboration with Kavita Shah Arora + Aaron J. Goldenberg


2017-2018 Recipients

Photograph of anthropology professor Lee Hoffer


Using Photovoice to Capture Diverse Experiences of Cleveland's Opioid Crisis

Lee Hoffer

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Photograph of Avidan Cover in front of the Israel-Palestinian border wall with grafitti

Project Collaboration with Allison Schlosser


Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Avidan Y. Cover

Associate Professor of Law 

2016-2017 Recipients

Portrait of Matthew Rossman


In Search Of . . . Smarter and Fairer Approaches to Federal Tax Subsidies

Matthew J. Rossman

Professor of Law

View the research abstract and article here.


Portrait of Janet W. McGrath
Portrait of Andrew Rollins
Anthropology-Engineering Collaborative (AEC): Designing Interdisciplinary Solutions to Global Health Problems

Janet W. McGrath, Professor of Anthropology

Andrew Rollins, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine

2015-2016 Recipients


Diana with two students in front of a bookcase
Lost and Found - Collective Identity Recovery through Legacy

Diana Bilimoria

KeyBank Professor and Chair of the Department of Organizational Behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management

Project collaboration with Morgan Bulger + Keimei Sugiyama


Portrait of Cassi Pittman
Forest Hill Neighborhood Study - How Racial and Cultural Affinities Inform Residential Preferences and Considerations of Neighborhood Desirability

Cassi Pittman

Assistant Professor of Sociology

2014-2015 Recipients

Portrait of Kelly McMann


The Quest for Rights & Justice in Authoritarian Enclaves

Kelly McMann

Associate Professor of Political Science

Picture of Timothy Black


Masculinities, Fatherhood, and Marginalized Urban Communities

Timothy Black

Associate Professor of Sociology

Portrait of Daniel Lacks


Course Redesign Grant: An Interdisciplinary Engineering-focused Social Justice Capstone

Daniel Lacks

C. Benson Branch Professor of Chemical Engineering

Graduate Student Fellowships

2019-2020 Graduate Research Fellows

Photograph of Luma AlMasarweh


Being and Belonging: Transnational Lives of Second Generation Arab Americans 

Luma AlMasarweh

Graduate Student, Sociology

Photograph of Brooke Jespersen


Mobility, Agency, and Inequality in Late-Life: Approaching Puerto Rican Elderhood from an Intersectional Life Course Perspective

Brooke Jespersen

Graduate Student, Anthropology

Photograph of Julie Schexnayder



Exploring the Role of PrEP Implementation Strategies in Reducing Disparities to HIV Prevention Services

Julie Schexnayder

Graduate Student, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Photograph of Michael Slone



Crowded Work: A Participant-Observation Study of Platform Labor

Michael R. Slone

Graduate Student, Sociology

2018-2019 Graduate Research Fellows

Photograph of Uriel Kim SJI Fellow CWRU PhD student


Reducing Lung Cancer Disparities at a Community Scale using a Multilevel, Data-driven Approach

Uriel Kim

Graduate Student, Clinical Translational Science

Photograph of Sonya Petrakovitz CWRU Medical Anthropology PhD SJI Research Fellow



Ancestral Medicine and Cultural Persistence: Community Resistance to Colonialism and Cultural Commodification on Rapa Nui

Sonya Petrakovitz

Graduate Student, Medical Anthropology

2017-2018 Graduate Research Fellow

Photograph of Lacey Caporale Case Western Reserve University sociology student


An Investigation of the Detroit Shoreway Developing Neighborhood

Lacey Caporale

Graduate Student, Sociology

2016-2017 Graduate Research Fellows

Portrait of Liz Nalepa


The Effects of TRAP Laws on the Timing of Abortion

Elizabeth Nalepa

Graduate Student, Sociology

Portrait of Megan Schmidt-Sane


Masculinity, Gender Norms and HIV Risk in Low-Income Communities in Kampala, Uganda: An ethnographic pilot study

Megan Schmidt-Sane

Graduate Student, Medical Anthropology 

2015-2016 Graduate Research Fellow

Portrait of Frank Manzella


Transnational Health Care in Urban Brazil

Frank Manzella

Graduate Student, Anthropology


2014-2015 Graduate Research Fellows

Portrait of Allison Schlosser


Belonging and Experience: An Ethnographic Study of Addiction Treatment in the Post-Welfare United States

Allison Schlosser

Graduate Student, Anthropology

Portrait of Yan Zhang


Family Care Arrangement and Elder Mistreatment for Dementia Patients in China

Yan Zhang

Graduate Student, Medical Anthropology

Undergraduate Student Grants

2019-2020 Recipients

Tim O'shea


Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid with Dr. Richard Falk

Tim O'Shea

Junior, Political Science

2018-2019 Recipients

Photograph of Leo Ndiaye Case Western Reserve University student and recipient of SJI fellowship


Fish and Gender Displacement: Actor-Networks of Community Fisheries Management in Senegal  

Leo Ndiaye

Junior, Environmental and International Studies


photograph of Jennifer Nielsen CWRU SJI Research Fellow


Examining HIV Prevalence and Risk Behavior within Johannesburg Townships Affected Differently by Apartheid

Jennifer Nielsen

Junior, Medical Anthropology and Public Health


2017-2018 Recipients

Portrait of MaryTherese Escueta


"I Do Wanna Dance": The Lived Experiences of Professional Dancers of Color

MaryTherese Escueta

Portrait of Anjana Renganathan

Senior, Sociology and Dance



A Dynamic Analysis and History of Street Medics in the United States

Anjana Renganathan

Senior, Biology

2014-2015 Recipient

Portrait of Suneil Kamath


Hip-Hop Education and Learning (HEAL)

Suneil Kamath

Sophomore, Business Management