Course Transfer Process

Students are expected to meet with their academic advisors when planning to study abroad for a semester or academic year. We advise students to talk to faculty early in the planning process; however, students should not ask faculty to approve specific courses until they been accepted in the study abroad program. The Office of Education Abroad does not provide students with the course approval forms to approve specific courses until they have been accepted into the study abroad program.

Students are responsible for getting all courses taken abroad approved by the appropriate faculty member. For example, if a student takes a course within his major, then his major advisor may approve it. If the same student takes a language course, for example, then a faculty member in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures should approve the course.

We highly encourage students to complete this process before departure so there are no surprises when CWRU receives their transcripts from the overseas institution. If a student takes a course abroad (without securing prior approval), there is no guarantee that the course will transfer as the student wishes, or at all.

For instructions and examples:

 View the Course Approval Form