2022 - 2023 Nourishing Power Fellows

Don Gaddis

Food Access Advocate
Don Gaddis Headshot

Don is developing North Star CLE, a local food network and resource website. He aims to connect resources to residents and create equitable access to abundant and nutritional foods for all the communities of the city of Cleveland.

Don is a contractor and community garden owner with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration focused on organizational management. He is the former Executive Director of Central Community Co-op and an enthusiast for all things local food.

Learn more about Don's Vision here.

Watch Don's pitch here.

Lacresha Johnson, MS, RDN, LD

Community Outreach Dietitian
Lacresha Johnson Headshot

Lacresha is developing Cleveland Community Nutrition, a space where nutrition education, cooking classes, community meals, food pantries, and nutrition resources coexist. Lacresha is a registered dietitian nutritionist from Cleveland, Ohio. She is passionate about food justice and health equity, and nutrition's role in improving chronic health conditions and cancer prevention.

Lacresha is a Community Outreach Dietitian with Sodexo at the Food for Life Market in University Hospitals Otis Moss Jr Health Center. She graduated from Cases Western Reserve University’s combined Master of Science in Nutrition and Public Health Dietetic internship program.

Learn more about Lacresha's vision here.

Watch Lacresha's pitch here.

Jayla Pittman

Jayla Pittman Headshot

Jayla Pittman is developing Growing Hands, a space to work with her community to create a garden space. This community garden provides fresh fruits and vegetables to food-insecure children and families. Jayla is spreading awareness about healthy eating habits and teaches children how to grow their own foods.

Jayla is a senior at Hathaway Brown School and spends most of her time studying the food deserts and politics in her community.

Learn more about Jayla's vision here.

Watch Jayla's pitch here.

Chaundrea Simmons

Chaundrea Simmons Headshot

Chaundrea is developing The Fight for School Breakfast, a foundation to help create better and more nutritious breakfast programs in schools to encourage better eating habits in public schools.

Chaundrea works as a private chef. She brought a vast knowledge of food systems and vegan food to the Nourishing Power Fellowship.

Learn more about Chaundrea's vision here.


Five Headshot

Five Sankofa owns a local urban farm, Forest City Garden and Orchard, and is developing it to inspire and educate on sustainable skills within the community, such as Acquisition of Land, Birthing ideas/children, Chickonomics/Cultivation
and Sustainability.

Five is a Traditional Indigenous Midwife and Urban Farmer residing in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. She came to the Nourishing Power Fellowship with a wealth of knowledge and resources.

Learn more about Five's vision here.

Watch Five's pitch here.

Ronnetta Stallworth

Ronnetta Stallworth Headshot

Ronnetta is developing Internal Works to help educate kids and families on food preparation, support mental health needs, and provide a space for creative self-expression.

Ronnetta graduated from South High and started as a Customer Service and Claims agent. She continued outreach work with CMHA, then The FARE Project, Woodhill Co-op, Vision Zero, and Burton Bell Carr. She volunteers for Project Save, Free Thinkers, True Creatives, churches, and Kings and Queens.

Learn more about Ronnetta's vision here.

Watch Ronnetta's pitch here.

Selena Awesome Vicarío

Creator, Peter Rabbit Project
Selena Vicario Headshot

Selena is developing Peter Rabbit Project, a mutual aid network bringing a creative approach to community engagement and sustainability through activities, resource sharing, and support to establish a relationship between nature and humanity.

Selena is currently studying Ethnobotany, Plant, and Nutrition Sciences. She is an artist, community organizer, vegan chef, plant scientist, yoga teacher, dog nanny, and polyglot. Selena holds a Political Science and International Relations degree and is certified in Mandarin. She utilizes her community knowledge and experiences to advocate for underserved and underrepresented groups.

Learn more about Selena's vision here.

Watch Selena's pitch here.

Danie Nicole White

Founder, Mustard Seed Works
Danie White Headshot

Danie is developing Neighbors Community Farms, a vocational
community farm focusing on and supporting employment, education, and feeding the Central Cleveland community.

Danie is a community educator and advocates bringing forth communal wealth in healing to heal the connection between the people and “The Land.”

Learn more about Danie's vision here.

Watch Danie's pitch here.

Carol White

Carol White Headshot

Carol is developing Shyne Bright to bring fresh, nutrient-dense, ready-to-eat meals to daycare centers, school districts, and other federally funded food programs.

Carol is educating the community on good food, nutrition, and clean eating through her Urban Farm Doctors product line and as co-owner of the Convenient Vegan restaurant on Larchmere Avenue. Carol trained and worked as a chef in Israel for over 18 years, where she studied under several vegan chefs. She was a featured chef during the Savannah Forsyth Farmers Market and demonstrated unique and healthy recipes using fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, and vegetables.

Learn more about Carol's vision here.

Watch Carol's pitch here.

Trey Williams 

Founder, Hood Honey
Trey Williams Headshot

Trey Williams is developing Agricultural Paradise to help economically underdeveloped communities by creating urban farms and education campuses to feed people's minds and stomachs.

Trey is the founder and CEO of Hood Honey. He began his youth and community work in 2009 by working with and eventually becoming the President of the Maple Heights Boys League. In 2020, he began a new venture in Hood Honey to help his friend start a new program in the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood of Cleveland.

Learn more about Trey's vision here.

Watch Trey's pitch here.