Business Management

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The business management undergraduate major at Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management is a flexible program established to provide you with foundational business principles that will position you for a broad range of career opportunities.

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World-class Faculty in Business Management

In Weatherhead School’s undergraduate business management degree program, you’ll interact on a personal level with some of the leading experts in management, including:

  • Corinne Coen, recipient of the Lewis-Progressive Fellowship and Emerging Impact Award at Weatherhead School, as well as the Outstanding Leadership and Contribution Award from the Academy of Management in 2008
  • Kamlesh Mathur, whose research is focused on the distribution aspects of the supply chain
  • John Paul Stephens, whose research focuses on the roles of perception, knowledge and relationships in the adaptive coordination of action groups such as musical ensembles

Meet Our Faculty

What Will I Learn as a Business Management Student?

The Weatherhead School undergraduate business management major will ground you in the functional areas of business for career preparation across a broad spectrum of industries. You’ll build a strong foundation in business management by taking required courses in economics, accounting, statistics, communication, leadership, marketing, and operations research and supply chain management.

As a business management major, you will build upon this foundation by selecting an area of concentration. The areas of concentration are:

  • Healthcare management
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • International business
  • Organizational leadership
  • Supply chain management

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The flexibility of this major allows you to pursue a second concentration or add additional courses to support your career interests. For more information, contact Jim Hurley, assistant dean of undergraduate and integrated study programs, at 216.368.3856.


Healthcare Management 

You can gain the fundamental knowledge of healthcare management through our business management major. By pursuing a healthcare management concentration, you will select courses that will strengthen your understanding of healthcare economics, public and/or health finance, and lean service operations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland are thriving areas to study if you’re interested in entrepreneurship. You can deepen your entrepreneurial knowledge through multiple academic programs and a wide variety of campus and community resources (such as Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship and Sears think[box]). By pursuing an innovation and entrepreneurship concentration, you will select courses that will heighten your entrepreneurial understanding.

International Business

From professional benefits to personal growth, there are a variety of reasons you should consider adding an international component to your collegiate career. You can participate in international study, both through our academic programs and our study abroad opportunities. Studying and immersing yourself in a foreign culture puts you on an early path toward global competence. Beyond its positive career implications, participating in international study is an opportunity to experience foreign culture and gain a greater appreciation of our global society. By pursuing an international business concentration, you will select courses that will strengthen your global competence and your understanding of foreign culture and business.

Organizational Leadership

Weatherhead School is home to one of the nation's top organizational behavior departments. Our faculty’s primary focus in teaching and research is leading and managing change at the individual, team, organizational and societal level. You can benefit from their access to this distinguished department and can deepen your understanding of leadership and organizational behavior through multiple academic programs. By pursuing an organizational leadership concentration, you will select courses that will strengthen your fundamental leadership skills.

Supply Chain Management

The global supply chain management industry is growing and as a result, so is the demand for professionals in this field. If you’re interested in learning about the production, transportation, distribution and other logistics that companies utilize to meet the demands of their customers, you can pursue this passion at Weatherhead School. By pursuing a supply chain management concentration, you will select courses that will strengthen your understanding of global supply chain challenges and opportunities.