Marketing undergrad students in class

Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management’s undergraduate marketing program provides you with a solid business background and advanced skills for careers in marketing and management while interacting on a personal level with some of the world’s most distinguished faculty. 

Rooted in the Department of Design and Innovation at Weatherhead —the first department of its kind—you will learn the ins and outs of brand management, strategic internet marketing, customer relationship management, selling and sales management, marketing research and marketing analytics.

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World-class Marketing Faculty

You’ll interact with some of the leading experts in marketing, including:

  • Somali Ghosh, director of marketing programs, whose teaching interests include: Marketing management, marketing strategy, brand management and strategic internet marketing.
  • Hyowon Kim, who teaches courses on marketing models and digital analytics and
    marketing analytics.
  • Rakesh Niraj, whose teaching interests include marketing management, marketing metrics and marketing models.
  • Mohan Reddy, recipient of the 2014 Faculty Teaching Excellence Award in the Weatherhead School of Management, teaches business marketing and managerial marketing.
  • Robert Widing, who teaches courses in managerial marketing, marketing management and customer relationship management.
  • Jagdip Singh, whose teaching interests include organizational frontlines, marketing analytics and research methodology.

Meet Our Faculty

Why Choose a Career in Marketing?

  1. Marketing is on the list of "10 In-Demand Jobs That Pay Well" on LinkedIn, with an average pay of $76,080.

  2. Another article on LinkedIn names marketing associate as the second-ranked job among jobs with the fastest-growing demand.

  3. It's a great choice for people who want a balance of using the quantitative left brain with the creativity of the right brain.

  4. Majoring in marketing makes you a specialist in that area, which means you know more about a specific subject area and can leverage that over generalists, who may only know a little about many aspects of business, but lack an in-depth understanding of a specific subject area.

  5. If you're interested in marketing, follow that interest and always choose a subject area you love! 

Reach out to Associate Professor of Marketing Somali Ghosh to discuss a major or minor in marketing.

What Will I Learn as a Marketing Student?

As a marketing major, you will develop the knowledge to be prepared for careers in market research, brand management, business development, consulting and other fields. Coursework is organized around the themes of analytics, customer relationships and interactive marketing.

You’ll gain advanced marketing skills and knowledge, in areas such as:

  • Consumer behavior, customer-firm relationships, and brand management
  • Data collection and quantitative analysis with SPSS and Excel
  • Digital marketing and e-commerce
  • Selling and sales force management

The bachelor’s degree in management will develop your analytical skills for solving management and business problems. You’ll build a strong foundation in business management by taking required courses in economics, accounting, statistics, communication, leadership, marketing, and operations research and supply chain management.

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For more information, contact Jim Hurley, assistant dean of undergraduate and integrated study programs, at 216.368.3856.

Marketing Minor

Looking for a strong marketing background that will increase your understanding of marketing and brand management? With just 15 credit hours, you can easily add a marketing minor to your undergraduate plan.